Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots

There are many slots available in online casinos which provide great winning amounts, but only a few slots provide the feature 'Jackpot' round within the game. Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots is one of those examples that come up with jackpot rounds. Lightning Box Games had developed this ‘5 reels and 4 rows’ slot for casino lovers. This slot comes up with 40 payline combinations. It makes the winning probability much higher than the other slots. Not only the jackpot feature, but the basic pay table is also much interesting for the players. As the name goes after Dolphin, the game has a look designed like under water.


Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots - RTP and Maximum Win

The theoretical RTP or Return to Player is 96.32%. The maximum win can make anyone go crazy. The maximum jackpot winning can give you €50000 as a major bonus. The higher RTP and the maximum win made this slot famous among the casino lovers.


Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots - Symbols

As the name of the game is Dolphin related, it is obvious that the symbols will have relations to underwater. There are many different symbols having low paying symbols and high paying symbols. Like other online slots, Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpot has wild, scatter symbols too.

In the high paying symbols list, there are 3 symbols - Manta Ray, Turtle, and Fishes. In low paying symbol list, there are symbols like 9, 10, J, Q, K, and other underwater creatures.

All winning symbol combinations begin with the leftmost reel and go to the right reels. If there are many winning combinations, then the highest combination will pay. Different wins in different lines will get added.


Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots Bonus

Different symbols pay in different manners. More of high paying will give you higher bonuses. The wild symbol substitutes for all the other symbols, except the scatter ones. Scatter symbol can make the win get doubled in this slot. Though in Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots, there is one wild symbol which is also a scatter symbol. This is the blue dolphin with doubled bonus feature. There is a single wild symbol- the Gold dolphin. This is only a wild symbol which substitutes other symbols without doubling.

Below mentioned are the payouts of all symbols:

Manta Ray

  • 5 Manta Rays will pay €500
  • 4 Manta Rays will pay €125
  • 3 Manta Rays will pay €30
  • 2 Manta Rays will pay €5


  • 5 Turtles will pay €125
  • 4 Turtles will pay €60
  • 3 Turtles will pay €25


  • 5 Fishes will pay €100
  • 4 Fishes will pay € 50
  • 3 Fishes will pay €15

Sea Horse

  • 5 Sea Horses will pay €75
  • 4 Sea Horses will pay €20
  • 3 Sea Horses will pay €10

Underwater Plants

  • 5 Underwater Plants will pay €75
  • 4 Underwater Plants will pay €20
  • 3 Underwater Plants will pay €10


  • 5 Ks will pay €50
  • 4 Ks will pay €10
  • 3 Ks will pay €5


  • 5 Qs will pay €50
  • 4 Qs will pay €10
  • 3 Qs will pay €5


  • 5 Js will pay €50
  • 4 Js will pay €10
  • 3 Js will pay €5


  • 5 10s will pay €25
  • 4 10s will pay €10
  • 3 10s will pay €5


  • 5 9s will pay €25
  • 4 9s will pay €10
  • 3 9s will pay €5

Also, at the time of gameplay, free games feature can trigger. Stellar Jackpot feature can also trigger during gameplay. The Stellar Jackpot Bonus is not dependent on bet size, it is completely random. During the jackpot, you will have to choose different icons to see if they reveal prizes. Also, these icons can make you go into the next rounds. There are 3 kinds of jackpots - Major, Minor, and Mini. The major jackpot can make you win a maximum of €50000. The minor jackpot can make you win a maximum of €2000. The mini jackpot can make you win a maximum of €400.



This slot by Lightning Box Games is one of the finest and most loved slots in the casino world. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are quite realistic. The sound effects are great. There are buttons on the gaming screen to control the bet values, sounds, and other features. The minimum bet amount is €0.48 and the maximum bet amount is €60. There is also a button for Auto Spins. You can set the number of auto spins and then you will have to simply sit back and relax. This feature will spin the reels automatically. Gamblers all around the world love this slot for the jackpot feature within it. The jackpot feature allows them to win a huge amount of winnings during the game. And of course, who does not love getting handsome amounts as prizes? You must try Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots at least once if you are a slot lover.