Deadworld is a video slot presented by 1x2 Gaming and it emulates a post-apocalyptic scenario. Themes representing dystopia have been more common as ever, however, Deadworld explores the dark side of this theme.

Deadworld is premised upon a comic-book which bears the same name. The video slot aims at hunting and killing a bunch of kick-ass zombies. The freakishly real zombies surely gave us the creeps. So the players have to elude the zombies and hunt them. The game also features some typical zombie characters like The Mexican the Mummy, and the Bikini Chick.

The best part about Deadworld is that players have the option to team-up with fellow zombie-killers. These include Pony-Tail, Tribal, and Veiled Assassin. The video slot is captivating, thrilling and not for light-hearted players.


Deadworld – RTP and Maximum Win

Deadworld features a 5x3 structure of reels along with 50 flexible pay-lines. This zombie invasion video slot offers realistic quality along with gripping graphics and an attuned soundtrack. Killing zombies is highly rewarded in Deadworld and forms the basis for really amazing pay-outs. The maximum win of this game is placed at a chunky pay-out of £22,500.

In the technical field of this game, the min coin per line is 1 while the max coin size goes to 5. The least coin size is 0.01 and goes as high as 0.5. Deadworld, fortunately, features a good jackpot that allows the players with 500 coins. The RTP of this game is placed at 94.04% which is quite decent.

To play the game, players must hit the Spin button, while choosing the coin denomination along with the number of coins that you prefer per line. The wager to play Deadworld is placed in £0.50 – £125. This allows the players to customize their bet size.

Deadworld is available on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. The quality of the gameplay and the graphics are stellar at all platforms, ensuring a rich gaming experience. The game is also functional across an array of operating software.


Deadworld Symbols

Deadworld bears all of its resemblance to the original artsy vibe of the comic book. Players can expect a lot of gore, blood and creepy zombies crawling towards them. The spooky soundtrack also adds to the feel of this game with random screams and shivers.

The theme of this game states that a group of 3 humans survived the apocalyptic world. This group has to hunt the zombies before they hunt them.

The major characters of this slot are these three humans. These are: a black man who is seen carrying a spiked club and is also the leader of the group who commands the rest of the survivors; a white person who is an amputee due to one of the zombie encounters, and; lastly a female ninja who uses a gun as well as a sword as her main weapons.
There are 7 regular symbols which are all zombies; amongst them is the Zombie King.

An important symbol of the game is that of the Skeleton, as that symbol pays a payout of 500 coins. Other major symbols are the white zombie, as that is that the wild and the bonus symbol.


Deadworld Bonus

Deadworld offers the players an immersive insight into a world of zombies where everything is disorderly. While this game is very enriching and life-like, it lacks the fan-favorite free spin option. Even though the lack of this feature is a downer but Deadworld has few new tricks up its sleeves.

  • Shooting Zombies: The game is majorly focussed on killing zombies, hence 1×2 Gaming created an entire bonus feature out of it. To trigger this new but amazing feature, players must wait till at least 3 Bonus Scatters land on the reels. The bonus scatter is denoted by the petite female zombie.

Once this feature is activated, the spinners will be transformed into a shooting alley where they will target and shoot real zombies of Deadworld. This round offers a new twist to the conventional slot machines and offers a new way to get pay-out increments.

Players must know that they only have 6 bullets as opposed to several zombies that will roam around them. Thus, the shots must be fired carefully and strategically.

  • Wild: Every slot is featured with a wild feature, in Deadworld the wild is represented by a white female zombie. This feature will substitute every symbol except the bonus scatter.



Deadworld is an interesting slot which will appeal to several audiences. 1×2 Gaming has brought out a very intriguing slot with such a theme that is unique, thrilling and adventurous. The pay-out is not as huge as one would expect, however, the slot overcomes this with other features.

The bonus feature offered by Deadworld is a new concept that helped us avail some really good pay-outs. All in all, this zombie hemmed game is nothing like the ones we have seen.