Cool Bananas

The name of this casino slot game should not lead you to believe that Cool Bananas is yet another fruit-based slot by NextGen. It is actually inspired by the King Kong theme, with the usual urban backdrop. This is then mixed up with a Hawaiian flavor, giving a strange yet satisfying mix. There are five reels in this game in which you have twenty-five paylines. You can choose the number of paylines you will go with. In case you are a conservative player, you can use lesser paylines. The odds of landing a Scatter stay the same. But you would get proportionately lower payouts. This is a simple game with cartoon-style graphics and attractive rewards. In short, it’s yet another winner from NextGen Gaming.


Cool Bananas – RTP and Maximum Win

You can play Cool Bananas on all types of devices. The minimum bet amount is just 25p. So you can start slow and play small amounts till the time you have understood the paytable well. Once you are confident, you can take your bet amount up to a maximum of £250. There are lots of opportunities to win free spins in Cool Bananas Slot. But the special symbols also provide good monetary rewards. For example, 5 Scatters can reward you with 100 times your bet amount and 5 Wilds as much as 5000 times! This is the reason why the game has a very high average return to a player (RTP). The RTP rate for Cool Bananas is listed as 95.051%, which is pretty good compared to other games.


Cool Bananas Symbols

Like we said earlier, the game is a mash-up of multiple themes. That is the reason you will find several symbols pertaining to those themes. King Kong (which looks like a monkey) in smart clothes is the Wild for this game. The peeled banana for the monkey is the Scatter symbol, and probably also the inspiration behind the name Cool Bananas.

Apart from that, these are some of the symbols you will see:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Green sunglasses
  • Blonde victim
  • Playing card symbols – 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace
  • Cupcake

The Wild symbol can take the place of all other symbols in the game (except the Scatter). This can come handy when you are trying to form a winning combination and there is one matching symbol missing.

Additionally, the Wild brings you the following rewards:

  • 2 Wilds on a payline – 10x bet amount
  • 3 Wilds on a payline – 100x bet amount
  • 4 Wilds on a payline – 1000x bet amount
  • 5 Wilds on a payline – 5000x bet amount

The Scatter also has some rewards, though not as lucrative as the Wild. This is what you can get from a set of Scatter symbols:

  • 2 Scatters – 1x your stake
  • 3 Scatters – 5x your stake
  • 4 Scatters – 20x your stake
  • 5 Scatters – 100x your stake

Overall, the symbols give you a fun feel because of the Hawaiian touch given to the King Kong story. The blonde victim subplot is also taken from the King Kong script, where the ape takes her to the top of the building. Overall, the symbols go a long way in making the game more interesting.


Cool Bananas Bonus

This game has two interesting and rewarding bonus rounds. The first is the Free Games feature. We already listed the returns from the Scatter symbol. Additionally, the Free Games feature is also triggered by the Scatter. You need to land 3 of them for this to happen. For each of the Scatters you have, you will get 8 free spins. So the minimum number of free spins you can win is 24 for 3 Scatters. This can go up to 32 or 40 free spins for 4 or 5 Scatters respectively. This is not all. Inside this feature, you also get a 2x multiplier. So, all your wins get doubled when this feature is activated. Wait, we are not done yet. The free spins can also be retriggered. This means that you could potentially win up to 80 free spins. And those 80 free spins open up avenues for lots of wins.

The other bonus round comes from the Wild, which we have already spoken about. The Wild can get you as much as 5000 times your bet amount. When you consider that your maximum bet amount is £250, you realize how big you can win if you get lucky.



Most games we review have either one of two things. They could have big possibilities for winning, but the storyboard and the look and feel leave you dissatisfied. Some other games are visually spectacular, but they don’t give you enough wins to make you happy. Cool Bananas is one game which has the best of both worlds. You have an entertaining storyboard, and you can win big if all goes well. Do go ahead and try it if you haven’t done so already.