Colin The Cat

In the unending debate about whether dogs make better pets or cats, the lines are pretty clearly drawn. A dog is the most faithful pet a man can have. But a human is said to be the most faithful pet a cat can have. Wazdan, the popular game software provider, has used the cat theme for its slot called Colin The Cat. The architecture used is a conventional 5x4 reel set. There are 10 paylines for you to play on. Expectedly, the protagonist is the housecat named Colin. The setting for this cute and funny game is the living room of a house. You can play this game on almost every device. Let us take a quick look at what Colin is up to in this game.


Colin The Cat – RTP and Maximum Win

To win big on this game, you need to create as many winning paylines as you can. Your bets can start at 0.1 credits and go up to 100 credits. The simple layout means there aren’t any special features like Wild and Scatter. But if you go for the multi-level bonus game, you can win big. The highest win amount possible is 20000 credits. This game does not have any progressive jackpot. But if you can hit the jackpot, you can rake in as much as $12000! These are some of the reasons for the substantial expected return to player in Colin The Cat. You can go in with an expected return to player (RTP) rate of as high as 96.1% in Colin The Cat. Without a Wild and Scatter, this is much higher than many other games we have reviewed.


Colin The Cat Symbols

If your home has ever had a pet cat, you would know the usual scenes it could be up to. All of them are reflected in the game symbols, and then some more. What is different in this slot is that every symbol features Colin The Cat. What’s more, those symbols are also animated, adding to the fun. Also, as we already mentioned, there are no Wild or Scatter symbols in this game. In fact, there are no free spins either, but that is for later. Let us tell you what symbols you can expect to see on the reels. Here are some of them:

  • Colin stuck in a mailbox
  • Colin inside a glass bowl
  • Colin scratching an armchair
  • Colin tangled in a ball of thread/wool
  • Colin sleeping in different poses.

There is a reason why there are so many symbols of Colin sleeping. A cat is said to be asleep for almost 18 out of the 24 hours in a day. This is the reason so many symbols show a sleeping cat.

The complete lack of special symbols in Colin The Cat does put off many players. Regular players are so used to taking advantage of the Wild and Scatter symbols. But Wazdan has gone out on a limb on this one. They have done away completely with these two special symbols. What they have done, instead, is to use very high-quality 3D graphics. This makes the existing symbols very attractive and interesting. The lack of special symbols makes the game uninteresting for some, while others like the bold approach adopted.


Colin The Cat Bonus

The makers of Colin The Cat have put in some work for the bonus. They have played on the game within a game concept several times over. The bonus game that is triggered can be played over and over again if you choose to. Once you hit a winning combination, you get a chance to trigger the bonus game. When you choose the gamble option in the bonus, you can stand to double your wins of the winning combination. The objective of the player is pretty simple in the bonus game. You are shown a series of mouse holes in a wall, and you have to select the right one.

Another fun element in this game is the mini cat icon, which you can think of as a special symbol. This icon appears randomly on any symbol during the game. You need to smartly avoid the traps. If you do that and are able to go up the ladder safely, you can multiply your wins manifold.



All in all, this game trains you to target frequent small wins rather than big windfalls. The game does have some big wins lined up, but they occur once in a while. You need to get used to this low volatility to enjoy the game. The storyboard as we described above is disarmingly simple. Yet it can get very addictive. In case you are a cat lover, this game will have you hooked for sure. If you are a traditional gamer who isn’t into cats and other furry animals, then you might be a tad disappointed. But give it a try to see which side you fall on.