Captain Shark

Adventure seekers, explorers, and treasure hunters have always been lured by the great unknown. Whether it is dense jungles, treacherous mountains, or the deep sea, the lure is undeniable. Wazdan plays on that theme for the Captain Shark game. It is set miles deep under the ocean, where the Captain Shark rules. The game is structured in a standard 5 reel set with 3 rows. There are 20 paylines to play for. The storyboard is fairly simple, and it won’t take long for you to master the paytable. The play mode is also convenient for a player. You can raise your bets manually by clicking on a button. If needed, you can just click on a ‘max bet’ button to go straight to the highest bet value.


Captain Shark – RTP and Maximum Win

Just like other games, Captain Shark also gives you the option of choosing your wager level. Additionally, you can also choose the number of paylines you will use. The fun thing about Captain Shark is that it gives you so many pathways to score big wins. Depending on the combination of symbols (special or otherwise) you draw, you could go up to 90x your bet amount. Another ‘best case’ scenario is of 100x your wagered amount. We will come to the details of all these variants of win possibilities in the subsequent sections. For now, suffice to say that this game has an expected return to player (RTP) rate of 96.25%. This might not be the best in class, but it is at least a percentage point or two higher than a number of other games we have reviewed.


Captain Shark Symbols

We did mention that the paytable is not too complicated, but still, it would do you good to know what you are getting into. Broadly speaking, the symbols of Captain Shark are divided into two groups.

The first group consists of relatively low paying symbols. This consists of card symbols Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9. In general, they fetch anything from 0.20 to 12.50 credits. The second group consists of all the marine creatures that inhabit Captain Shark’s underwater world. Some examples of these symbols are fish, crabs, seahorses, octopus, etc. In the right combination, they could get you up to 75 credits. The two most valuable symbols in this list are the octopus and the crab. Here is how they can bring you more riches:

  • Winning Combo using 2 symbols – 0.02 x bet
  • Winning Combo using 3 symbols – 0.25 x bet
  • Winning Combo using 4 symbols – 1.25 x bet
  • Winning Combo using 5 symbols – 7.50 x bet

Outside these standard symbols, the two symbols of special interest to the player are the Wild and the Scatter. Captain Shark is the Wild symbol for this game named after him. The basic function is to replace any other symbol in a way that a winning combination can be got. This is applicable to all symbols except the Scatter. But additionally, it brings monetary rewards as well. Here is a glance at what you can expect:

  • 2 Wilds out of 5 – 0.1 times bet amount
  • 3 Wilds out of 5 – 2.5 times bet amount
  • 4 Wilds out of 5 – 25 times bet amount
  • 5 Wilds out of 5 – 90 times bet amount

Overall, a standing rule is that whenever a Wild is part of a winning combination, the wins get doubled.

Coming to the Scatter, it is represented by the image of a treasure chest. Just like the Wild, the Scatter also brings great winnings in the following combinations:

  • 2 Scatters – 0.4 times the bet amount
  • 3 Scatters – 1 time the bet amount
  • 4 Scatters – 4 times the bet amount
  • 5 Scatters – 100 times the bet amount


Captain Shark Bonus

We already told you about the monetary rewards you can get from the Scatter symbol. Additionally, it acts as the trigger for free spins. This can help you improve the chances of your winning. Depending on the number of Scatters you land, you can get 15, 30, or 90 free spins. On top of that, any wins you score during these free rounds are automatically bumped up by a factor of 3. Your jaw must have dropped at the rewards from the Wild, Scatter, crab and Octopus symbols we listed above. If not, then the astonishing number of free spins sure will make them.

Another cute additional bonus becomes available every time you get a winning combo. You get access to (and the option to play) an additional game. If you choose to play, you must guess the right color of the card, and the win you just had would be doubled.



The command bar is very easy to use and lets you choose the bet amount as well as the number of paylines. The great graphics and background score raises the attractiveness of this game. They are the perfect icing on the cake of the stupendous rewards on offer.