Burning Wins

Burning Wins is the creation of Playson. It is a video slot premised upon the ever-green theme of fruits. It is a classic reel of a 3x3 structure laid against 5 pay-lines. The game offers a lot of stripped back fruity action. The simple yet saucy game has a few really good points about it. For instance, the visuals are great, the soundtrack is peppy, and the backdrop is pretty.

However, the game lacks ever so slightly in its bonus department. But, it makes up for in other ways, like it shows great promise with its occasional big wins. Burning Wins, much like all the virtual slots created by Playson, is an all-inclusive game. It means that it can be played on any operating software, be it iOs or Android.


Burning Wins – RTP and Maximum Win

Burning Wins is an attention-grabbing game with its cute symbols and vivid displays. The game can be played at a wager range of 10p to $100. Playson video slot has a minimum coin size of 0.02 which goes as high as 20. It also features a jackpot which can help avail the players a considerable amount of reward.

Burning Wins has a low to medium variance which is a good thing considering many highly volatile games can rip the bank accounts of players. Burning Wins has a pace which allows the players to process and make informed decisions. The Return to Player element of this game is also high. This doesn’t surprise us at all, given its high payouts in the main game. The RTP stands at 96.2%. There are 5 bet ways in this game.

The maximum win of this game is attained at 600000 coins, which explains the claim we earlier made about this game having winning potential.


Burning Wins Symbols

Burning Wins features a vivid purple screen depicting a matrix filled with symbols and style resembling that of a good old fruit machine. The 3D graphics used in this game add to the appeal of the game. Along with that, things like juicy, water dripping symbols, and display with a metallic sheen add value to the game. Even the soundtrack is soothing.

When we played the game, we enjoyed the rich colors in the game which made it so brilliant. Burning Wins is not your regular video slot with the same old redundant features. The Playson fruit slot tried to bring a new twist in the regular slots.

The symbols of Burning Wins are all 3D fruits. These are watermelon, lemon, orange, cherries, and plums. All these symbols create various different combinations to reward the players with payouts. For a basic win, a player requires to have a match of 3 same symbols.

The following symbols will give you 7x than your wager if landed in pairs of 3 lemon, cherries, and plums. Other really important symbols are the bar, bell, and 777 symbols. Their rewards are listed below:

Bar - 10x more than the stake
Bell - 50x more than the stake
Lucky 7 - 150x more than the stake


Burning Wins Bonus

Many slots feature an array of features like wilds, scatter bonus, free spins, gamble feature and what not. However, Burning Wins clearly doesn’t feature all of these conventional features.

There is just one conventional feature in this game that shows the potential of a heavy payout. This is the fixed jackpot price. If the jackpot is won, players will receive a reward of 300x their bet line. This is a very profitable win which can even be attained with people who have waged a smaller amount.

Now apart from the jackpot, Burning Wins has really chunky payouts placed on the normal symbols of the game. One can expect to win 700 wins simply by matching a pair of 3 oranges, cherries, or plums.

The fruit symbols of watermelon and lemon can give the players an award of 1500 coins by matching a pair of 3 of the symbols. Whereas, one can expect a payout of 2000 coins by matching bar symbols.

The most and second most lucrative symbols are the lucky 7 and bell symbol, the match of which will get the players a payout of 6000 and 4000 coins respectively.

Burning Wins might have lacked in bonuses but it completely compensated with its generous symbol payouts in the main game. Moreover, we see it as innovative and different than all the other slots.



Burning Wins is a glorified version of a classic fruit machine. This slot game is like a fruit machine that gets a modified touch. The slot isn’t volatile and the variance is below medium. The genre in which this slot falls has a simple approach to begin with, hence, Burning Wins falls right in the category.

We would suggest newbies to play this game who are just starting out with online slots. Although the hardcore gamblers who love their appealing themed slot with high volatility and even higher wins will not find this slot game much attractive, we recommend this game to them also.