Bumper Crop

When you think of farming, slot games aren’t exactly what come to your mind. But, as the competition increases, the game developers have understood the importance of a game theme. Hence, playing to the strengths of familiarity, Playson gaming came up with an interesting slot game. The name of the game is Bumper Crop and is based on the theme of farming.

The game offers the players 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of paylines present in the game is twenty-seven. All of these paylines are fixed. The game can be played easily on any device supporting an internet connection and an internet browser. With some attractive graphics and an adorable theme, the game has a lot to offer to its players.


Bumper Crop - RTP and Maximum Win

Using a familiar theme plays an important role in attracting the attention of the common gamblers. Hence, a result of which, Bumper Crop has an interesting RTP of 95.53%. The game’s high RTP clearly depicts its popularity amongst the players.

The betting range of the game is also quite wide. In a single spin, you can place your lowest bet at £0.27 and your highest bet at £81.00. Thus, you don’t have to be much concerned about the availability or unavailability of a high amount of funds. You can easily place lower bets and increase as per your convenience. The maximum amount that can be won in terms of coins is 656100. The game won’t fail to impress you anywhere.


Bumper Crop Symbols

The graphics of the game are very homely kind. The reels don’t have a fixed outline or the frame. This makes it look as if they are spinning in the air. Though, across those translucent reels, you can spot a lot of things in the backdrop. There is a barn that can be spotted, a few trees and crops might drag your attention too. Not to forget, there’s a farmhouse as well and a handsome farmer. The farmer has some nice impressive mustache and is standing with his fork beside him.

The other regular symbols spinning on the reels are basic playing card representatives. These include numerical 10, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace. You will find all of these on the reels with a bit of farm-like touch added to them.

Talking about the wild symbol of the game, there isn’t any when we are playing the base game. The scatters, on the other hand, are 5 in number. They can be spotted in 5 different symbols. These include a spade, sun, farmer, a can used for watering, and a seed bag.


Bumper Crop Bonus

The game has a very interesting and different kind of main bonus. The details of this bonus are mentioned below:

  • Wild Tree: First of all, beneath every reel, there is a symbol that can be easily spotted. Hence, every single time when that particular symbol lands up on the reels, you wild tree grows a little. Once one symbol is completed, you might get a new symbol beneath the reel. Next time when that symbol appears on that reel, the tree will grow furthermore. The logos that appear beneath the reels follow a particular order. It is as follows:
  1. Spade
  2. Seeds
  3. A can used for watering
  4. Sun
  5. Farmer

As the tree keeps on growing, you have to reach its full-size limit. You’ll be able to understand it better the moment you’ll see the tree for yourself. One it is grown to its full, your free spins come to action. Every single reel then affects the wild tree. This gives you around three or four free spins to play with. The numbers of free spins which are awarded basically depend upon the fruits which are on the tree. If you are lucky enough to take the exceptional center reel, you’ll get 10 free spins straight to play with.

While the free spins are in action, the paylines reward not just from left to right only but vice versa as well. Thus, you can even get paid for the right to left paylines as well. Another interesting feature that is the part of this bonus is the super gardener.  If you spot him on your reels, your wild tree will get one level advancement on all the reels. The best part is that even when the spins end, the trees that had grown before the feature remain the way they were. Hence, there’s a better chance of triggering a bonus all over again.



Bumper Crop by Playson is an interesting and attractive slot game. It has some really simple but adorable graphics to which a person can connect. The gameplay is simple. Nevertheless, what plays the show-stopper is the bonus of course. The game’s bonus is different and very interesting. It gives you a chance to win high in the most entertaining manner. The amazing RTP of the game is well deserved.