Book of Oz Lock n Spin

Unlike what many people think, the story of The Wizard of Oz is not set in Australia. It happens in the state of Kansas when a massive tornado comes rushing through. It takes away Dorothy and her dog to the magical Land of Oz. MicroGaming had earlier worked on this theme to come up with a wonderful slot game called Book of Oz. The wide popularity encouraged them to come up with a sequel called Book of Oz Lock n Spin, which we will be reviewing today. We would work on the assumption that you have neither played the original, nor watched the movie. It is a standard five-reel slot that has three rows. It has just ten fixed paylines.


Book of Oz Lock n Spin – RTP and Maximum Win

If you are just picking up on this game, then you might not be too familiar with the characters and their relative worth. You can start playing with the minimum bet amount of just 10p. Most games go on to offer much larger maximum bets to attract the big boys. On that count, though, this game was a tad disappointing. It has a maximum bet amount of just £25. Even if you are having fun and feeling confident enough to bet big, you won’t be able to go beyond this. The base game has symbols that offer up to 500x times the bet amount. But we will also talk about the bonus rounds later when things become more interesting. During the free spin rounds, you can theoretically win up to 5000x times your bet amount! Actually, instead of all these delicious details, simply the RTP would give you an idea of how much you can win in the Book of Oz Lock n Spin. This game provides an average Return to Player of 96.6%, which is much higher than a lot of games we have reviewed.


Book of Oz Lock n Spin Symbols

Let us go through the symbols you will find in this game. If you have already seen the movie or played the prequel, you would know most of them, and you can proceed to the next section. The story is set in a mythical place called Emerald City, and that is also the backdrop for this game. There are broadly three categories of symbols. The lowest paying are the 4 card symbols – Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. Then there is a set of symbols with medium cards, represented by different potions. The most lucrative symbol, however, is a special character wearing a top hat.

The section on symbols wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Wild character. Most slot games have one or two of these special symbols which bring special rewards. For Book of Oz Lock n Spin, the Book of Oz itself is the Wild symbol. No wonder, the game is named after it. It has the power to substitute all other base symbols. Players of slot games usually win rewards when they get a line of identical/similar/patterned symbols on a payline. When just one of such a combination is wrong, the Wild can be used to substitute it to form a winning combination. The other special symbol is the Scatter. We will discuss its rewards in greater detail in the bonus section.


Book of Oz Lock n Spin Bonus

One of the interesting special rounds of this game is called Lock n Spin. This explains the second part of its name. Out of the 5 reels available, you can opt to lock in place up to 4 reels of your choice. This would cost you, of course, and you can see the respective amounts at the bottom of your screen. Most players opt for this when they can already see 2 Wild or Scatter symbols, and just need one more.

Then, of course, there is the free spins feature. It is actually called the Free Spins with 2nd Chance. The free spins are standard enough. You need to score at least 3 Wild/Scatter symbols. Here is what you get for that:

  • 3 Scatters/Wilds – 2x times your bet amount + 10 free spins
  • 4 Scatters/Wilds – 20x times your bet amount + 12 free spins
  • 5 Scatters/Wilds – 200x times your bet amount + 25 free spins

The 2nd Chance features in the name of this bonus round because you get another chance to improve the special symbol. You can retrigger this feature, which could then potentially give you as many as 50 free spins.



If you have played the prequel, you will realize that very little has changed in the sequel. But as they say, too much of a good thing is never bad. The graphics, the audio, and most of all the lucrative returns all combine to make this an awesome game. We assure you are missing something if you haven’t played it yet. We would recommend this game very highly.