Black Horse

People who have a knack for the Wild West and adore the majestic Mustang horses must spin the reels of the Black Horse slot. This slot, as you may have guessed it, has imbibed the rowdy era of the Wild West. It bears resemblance to all the elements like the dirty deserts and cowboy hats.

Black Horse is a creation of the Wazdan, which is a spectacular slot developer. It has a structure 3x5, with 3-reels, 5 rows, and 5 paylines. The slot itself doesn’t have a state-of-the-art get up but its backdrop can be appreciated. It has stunning Stallions adorned in its backdrop against the orange sunset.

Black Horse is also considerate enough to add some really beneficial bonuses like it has 45 free spins up for grab.

Black Horse – RTP and Maximum Win

Black Horse presents you with exciting unrestraint countryside of the Wild. Wazdan has put in real efforts to up the ante of this game. There are some really good tries with respect to bonuses and features.

Players can play Black Horse with a min. coin per line and size of 1. The coin size, however, can expand to 1000 depending upon the preferences. Black Horse houses a Progressive Jackpot, scatter feature, and free spins.

The biggest win that a player can avail by means of wilds or jackpot is $20,000.00. This amount is humongous and packs a real punch for all the seekers who want to make good money while trying their luck. The RTP of this game is not perfectly unknown but from the looks from it, we can be sure that it doesn’t go below 95%. This rate is decently apt for this video slot.


Black Horse Symbols

The symbols of Black Horse are all unruly and match the theme beautifully. The slot developer may have compromised on the quality and this can be evident in the graphics as well. However, these symbols look nice and they provide some really nice trigger features.

The basic symbols of Black Horse which do not offer anything more than a low or mediocre payout are the Jack, Queen, Ace, and King. These are joined by 9 and 10. All these symbols just act as supportive symbols and do not contribute majorly.

The high paying symbols are aplenty in this game. The category of high paying symbols is joined by the horseshoes, fruits, black horses, classic balls cactuses, and coins.

Black Horse and Horseshoe Symbol are two such symbols which hold the most value in the game. The black horse is the scatter symbol of the game, hence, activates free spins. The horseshoe, on the other hand, also functions for availing free spins but here the quantity is less. So, it is better to focus on the black horse symbol.


Black Horse Bonus

Black Horse has its quirks that we adore. It has three bonuses. The number may seem little. However, both of these bonuses are rewarding enough for the players to take a big chunk home.

  • Coins: When playing the amusing game of “Black Horse”, the players will have the opportunity of collecting coins. These coins can be seen spread across the third reel. If you are able to collect a total of 9 coins or more, you can avail the free spins. The free spins availed from the coins will not be more than 15. The coins will appear plenty of times. So the players must be patient and on the lookout to make the most of this feature.
  • Black Horse Bonus: The name of this themed slot is Black Horse, so, you can expect the symbol of the black horse to be of the most use. The bonus using the black horse icon can be activated when you are able to land 3 Black Horse symbols anywhere on the reels except the area of winning lines. When this feature gets activated, the horses will come alive and it will all be very serene. Along with this, the players will get a whopping amount of 45 free spins.
  • Horseshoe: The Horseshoe symbol also contributes to the bonus section of this game. If you get the symbol to land in a pair of 3 anywhere on the reel then you will activate this bonus. Upon activation, the players will be blessed with 30 free spins. And while your spins are activated and running, whatever win you attain with be tripled. So the players can be rest assured that they will avail hefty prices here. The players even have the option to re-trigger the free spins on their bonus spins.



Black Horse is a very productive game which will serve more than your regular slot game. With a great RTP, ample amount of bonuses, and smoothness of the interface, this game is beautifully designed.