Berry Burst Slot

Game Review

BerryBurst is a refreshing game created by NetEnt to counter the heat of the year. This slot machine was launched in August 2018, thus creating refreshing gameplay.

BerryBurst is a mouth-watering video slot game which comes with its interesting slot symbols and good payouts. This game was released with its spin-off. This spin-off is called BerryBurst MAX which has lower volatility as compared to BerryBurst. BerryBurst has higher volatility making it of higher variance. So these twin games since their release have been a cult favorite.

Regardless of the version of BerryBurst you choose, you are in it for a delectable treat. This gambling slot will give you a juicy ride of chunky winnings.

BerryBurst comes in its pretty standard 5x3 slot reel. The game has its aesthetics derived from the summer fun, while its soundtracks compliment the sunny vibes. The symbols of this game are not hard to guess. They are all fruits, resonating with the theme and background of this game.

BerryBurst offers splendid visuals and is a self-explanatory, easy to play slot game. The visual appeal of this game is paired with its easy breezy gameplay. And as for the visual treat, you cannot expect any less from a NetEnt slot game.

Play BerryBurst at bCasino

BerryBurst is a beautiful creation of NetEnt. This game is easily accessible for players from across the globe. One of the best UK casino sites to play this game is bCasino. We houses several other games of NetEnt and several other developers as well.

BerryBurst is a well compatible slot game which can be accessed on any browser. You can play BerryBurst at the comfort of your game. You can play at your PC, tablet, laptop or even smartphones. The mobile version of BerryBurst is the replica of its desktop version.

Regardless of whether you’re operating a smartphone, laptop or tablet, this juicy and fruity slot game will run perfectly everywhere.


BerryBurst Symbols

BerryBurst features symbols which are not hard to guess, they are a bunch of fruits. These fruits include raspberry, oranges, limes, grapes, and many more tropical delights. These exotic fruits fall right amongst the aesthetics and backdrop of this game. Their presence would definitely make you reach out and grab them to savor these fruits.

Now, if explained properly, this game features a total of 7 standard symbols. These symbols are mandarins, oranges, limes, raspberries, pink berries, and grapes. These standard symbols make up different winning combinations.

The most noteworthy symbol is that of the raspberry. If you hit this symbol, you’re sure to land a pay-out of 5,000/1. This, of course, has a trigger point which happens when you cluster 15 of these symbols at a go.

BerryBurst runs short of bonuses but this shortcoming is made up by wildcards. The wild symbols are the jackpots of this slot game. We will discuss this feature at lengths in the approaching. For now, you need to know that the wild symbols perform an array of functions. These lucrative elements can get you a big chunk of pay-out if you play your cards right.


BerryBurst Bonus

BerryBurst may not be big on bonuses. However, its wild symbols and other exciting features fill the gap perfectly. Let’s discuss some features present in BerryBurst which can help you churn good pay-outs.

The game rules on Cluster Pays which is a staple of NetEnt. This simply means that your winning combinations arrive from forming different clusters. The clusters are formed with either combination of different or accumulation of same symbols. For BerryBurst in particular, a cluster of 5 or more symbols of the same sign will trigger a balanced boost.

Wild Symbols are the main source of generating chunky pay-outs in BerryBurst. Wild substitutions can be spotted through any point of the reel. The wild substitution takes place with clearly recognizable symbols. These can pop over anytime and will substitute some selected symbols of the reel. Wild Substitutions happen to appear in the section of re-spins. They are also spotted in the main game.

BerryBurst features a good betting limit with an increasing coin Value. There are a total of 10 levels of bets, while the coin value varies from 0.01 to 2. These elements determine the initial stake or wager. The wager amount starts anywhere from 10p to €200.

The maximum win which can be accrued on Berryburst is also noteworthy. A player of this slot game can get a whopping 3000x upon their initial stake.



BerryBurst is the king of frequent wins of higher volatility with a smaller quantity. Players are definitely in it for a delectable and juicy treat. This game features plenty of occasions for the players to land a win. With its small cost 10p, the players will wager less but get a good pay-out in return.

If you, however, like lesser volatility, then you might want to try BerryBurst Max.