Avalon: Get into the days of Arthurian with this game


During those days when kings and queens lived for the real, would they have actually imagined that they would be chosen to be the cards and coins to be played as games? Well, today’s generation actually finds it quite interesting to read about the old age legends, and they are quite mesmerized by the way they lived, and the aura they carried. That is why, today, game developers are revolving a lot around this theme. When the initial few games of old age legends came out, they caught rage!

Today, when you go to the Casino, you will find loads of bonus related games that are based on this theme. Avalon is one such amazingly popular game that has been in the casino wars since long, and it does not look like people are going to discard the game any sooner. Why? Because it is easy to understand, and it is a super addictive game!


About the game: Avalon

This game revolves around the all famous Arthurian Legend of the kings and queens. Well, who does not know this family? We still talk about how great and generous the entire dynasty was! When you choose to play this video slot game in the casino, you will be amazed by how well it is visually designed. It has scattered of wild cards, a treasure chest, the Avalon symbol and the Lady of the Lake.

The game of Avalon is a multi-player game and can be played by 20 people at once. It has been designed using the latest info graphics and runs on the latest micro gaming software that is a big hit in the gaming industry.


How to play the game?

Before you can actually join the Kind Arthur in his quest, you, as a player, need to select and adjust your bet for the game. The video slot will have a “+” and a “-“button, which will help you to adjust your betting amount. Once you do that, you can start the game. The Spin will enable to spin the symbols and the bet max button will automatically wager at the maximum sum of the game.

Simple isn’t it? Understanding the rules of the game will take just a few minutes and after that, there is no stopping! You can bet as many times you want, and you will never be bored! By clicking on the ‘Gamble’ button, you will be able to increase your scope to win. In fact, if you are able to guess the right color of the faced down card, your win will be doubled. In the same lieu, if you guess the right suit of the cards, the win will be quadrupled. However, you will have to be aware of the fact that, giving the wrong guesses, will result in the same amount of losses as well. You can stop the ‘gamble’ option at any point in the game and collect your winnings at the end of it.


AutoPlay and Free Spin

If you want to play the game for a lot of a number of times and without any intervention of the video slot stopping again and again, then just click on the ‘expert’ option and then select autoplay. This will auto start the game every time it ends.

If you are on the lookout for free spins – then here is when you shall look out for it – when you see more than 3 lady of the lake symbols in the screen, you will be able to use the free spin option, until then, the option will be there, but it will be disabled. When you are entitled to the free spin, you get 12 free spins in which you can win up to 7X multiplier.


Bonus In the Game of Avalon

The video slot of Avalon has loads of bonuses, but they depend on the casino and their style of making you play the game. Starting from 50% bonus, the maximum the game can allow is a 100% bonus along with some extra perks.

Already excited to play the game? Well, just be careful of the bet you put in. Initially, start with a low amount, and once you get your hands on the game, you can always increase you the amount.