300 Shields

If you’re into gaming and love to take risks, then you must be aware of games worth risks like racing and casinos. Racing, in general, is loved by mass but the class casinos give you is provided by no other game. The lovers of casino games will understand the obsession one has with it. There are many casino games in the market but the latest one to shake the market is 300 Shields.   This game has not only become the favorite among masses but is topping in every aspect that is required.

In case you too like this game but haven’t tried it, this article is here to help you in every possible pay with every little detail of it. So read and understand and apply whatever is needed.


Playing the game

Powered by NextGen Gaming Developers, it is one of the best and soft manufactured casino game in the market in the current scenario. The best part of this game along with being USP is that it provides multipliers and spins 300 times more than any other game. Best for passing the time but gaining some experience is highly recommended as you may lose some of the easiest shots if not being well versed in this game. The game is highly engaging.  One must try to be engaged in a really fun experience.


300 Shields Basics

This mobile slot game features a reel layout of 3*5 along with paylines of 25. The lowest amount to bet in this game is 25p and maximum of 50 Euros per spin. The game is total representation of 300 movies. The metal, army and kings and palaces, everything is similar to the game without a single doubt. When entering the game, the player will enter King Leonidas and will face the whole pile of weapons.  The game has a lot of action. Lots of blood pouring and lots of bloodied soldiers. If you’re into it, you’re never quitting.



There are so many features that this game offers to the player that makes it a top preference on our list.

  • There is a wild symbol in this game which replaces all the other symbols but scatters.
  • Wild symbols are the best part of this game and also your only support till the spin arrives for you.
  • To make out alive, use scatter and some spins allotted to help you win the game, or you’ll ultimately lose.
  • To get extra spins, you have to have at least three scatters symbols on your reel. If you have it, you’ll have two times more powerful spins.
  • This game has four stages, one always tougher than the other one.

Stages of this game

There are many stages of this game:-

  • On stage one, you’ll have to start the game, and five extra lives are provided. Now collect two shields to reach level two.
  • On stage two, Few more spins are being added which makes it five times more powerful. For stage three collect many shields.
  • On stage three, three extra spins will be provided, to reach stage 4, you’ll have to collect twelve shields.
  • On stage four, you either win or lose. You win big things and come out of your game.


Experience gaming

The game is full of action, and the offers are so very tempting that it forces you to play further and also again and again. The audio is very effective as the quality is really good. It will give the feel of actuality and also loads quickly on every type of devices. NextGen deals mostly with android users. The games are user-friendly and do not trouble much with hanging or heating issue. One can easily buy or download it and play with full control of it.  The game is just like how a player would want it to be when he or she sits down on the couch to play, total worth quality.


Unique Selling Point of game

A lot of thought process is done while designing this one particular game. The battle scenes are of best quality and interests more than other battle slot games on mobile phones. The theme of this game makes it revolutionary as the movie was itself the critically acclaimed on with a lot of star cast and compelling story line with some of the best editing and battle scenes. If the game offers such events, who on earth would want to miss it?!

The game is only one of the best and one of its kinds. The movie 300 always inspired and aspires people about fighting for good and the people. The game offers some of the best features like easy loading, which is a go for this game. Most of the times, games take more than 5 minutes, and our patience and both start to wind up! The availability of 300 times multiplier and four tough stages to reach, people would love this game to clear out their frustration and trouble. Games are the best way to stream out our frustrations. The game is full of action and battle as people like this concept more than quests like Dora, the explorer.

If you too want to play the best game with superb interface created by NextGen and is gaining publicity, one must not stay behind the league and try it out to save self from getting bored. Also, the game is easily available on various platforms, and you can download it easily on your mobile phones and play till you remain alive. But practice before you play or you must lose some of the best offers being made available by the game itself. Practice, be smart and play the game and try to win and recure your boring time with your mobile phone and this game. Games are the best way to entertain. Also, they’re free and easy to play if you know the rules and regulation. We hope this article helps you to enjoy the game till the very end.