1 Can 2 Can

Introduction to the game:

The online casino gaming industry provides variation of theme based game and the games as much interesting as there themes. Few games are based on some scenic beauty based theme taken with a concept of adventure while there are few games that are taken from fun and enjoyment based concept. This game is a very interesting game with lot of fun and enjoyment and the game is based on a beautiful theme of juicy fruits. This game is introduced by Nextgen and is very amazing with a unique concept and theory.


Basic layout of the game:

The theme of the game is based on big fruity and juicy tropical paradise which consists of two Toucans which are termed as 1 can and 2 can. This is a 5 reel slot based game where these two Toucans are very hungry and to overcome there hunger they try to fetch the tasty and juicy fruits hanging on different fruit trees. The most frequently seen delicious hanging fruits are the pomegranates, pineapples and sweet kiwis. If the player gets success in getting the desired fruit helps the player to fetch a healthy prize and rewards. The game is all set up on a window named as fruit machine with numerous fruit symbols on the screen.


Symbols used in the game:

The toucans help to fetch large number of prizes and bonuses with the help of wild bonus a scatter bonus and a fruity free level characteristics. With the attractive features of tropical paradise the game fetches many prizes and gives big gains to the players. The fruity game is displayed on the screen surrounded by a peaceful environment with flowing waterfall around the juicy fruits. It helps the player to enjoy the relaxing and peaceful environment as it provides great fun and enjoyment.


Payments of the fruity game:


  • The game consists of numerous numbers that are kept beneath the juicy fruits that the 1 Can and 2 Can are searching for. There is large number of letters like A, K, Q and J and the numerous numbers 9 and 10 are found in large quantity. If the player gets a matching number between 3 and 5 then the player will get a reward from 5 to 100.
  • If the player gets success to find few missing wings and if he gets through five of them will award them with 125 times of the players bet.
  • The toucans are searching for their missing friends and if the player finds them with the five lizards will fetch 250 times the player’s stake.
  • Also there are few monkeys and if the player gets five monkeys will be rewarded with a count of 500.
  • There are wild symbols which unlock the wild bonus round to increase the winnings. When the player gets two wild symbols together then it hikes the bets to 10 times the initial bet placed at wage.
  • Similarly three wilds result to 50 times, the four wilds leads to 200 times and the largest winning amount is of 1,000 times the coin wager.
  • The other attractive feature is the scatter symbol which provides big bonus prizes if the player finds three scatter symbols then it results to 5 times of total bet, if four symbols appear then 15 times and five results to 50 times of total bet.
  • The other one is the fruity free game that gets initiated when three scatter symbols appear together. The free game then adds some extra wilds which result into more and handsome bonus.


Game is easy to play:

The game can be played by any level player as it’s easy to be played with no hard rules. Even toddlers can play the game easily and just after two or three games they can play like experts. The new players can start playing with a low line of 0.01 and 1 while high profile players can play 25 lines at 2.0 lines. There are 7 lines in total with 9 staking options. The game is easy and compatible even with mobile phones thus the player can enjoy the game on their smart phones from anywhere all around the world.


Amazing fruity game:

The game is very juicy just like the fruits depicted in the game obviously not by taste but by the fun and features that it holds. The player gets a calm background to play the game with soft music and amazing graphical design of the game. Above al, the game has no strategies to be used only find the matching symbols and gain points as much as the player can make. The fruity theme makes the game more play worthy as it’s not just the game of juicy fruits instead it’s the game of getting the wild and scatter symbols and making huge winnings. So give it a try and play the game. Have fun and enjoy the rest.