Scratch The Snake Charmer

India is close to becoming one of the few countries in the world who have been to the moon and back. Yet, we usually carry some old stereotypes about the country in our head. One of the most enduring stereotypes about India is that of the snake charmer. These snake charmers used to play lilting melodies on their flutes. And that would miraculously quieten their collection of hissing snakes. The snake charmer is the inspiration behind the name for this casino slot by NextGen Gaming – Scratch The Snake Charmer. Needless to say, this is an Indian themed game. A fairly 3x3 architecture means you need to make winning combinations of 3 symbols to win. There are 25 paylines on which you can win.


Scratch The Snake Charmer – RTP and Maximum Win

The standard symbols for this game will all remind you of India in some way. But the returns on these standard symbols are in the region of 50x to 100x of your bet amounts. The snake is the symbol after which this game is named. And it is, therefore, the most valuable symbol. It gives back as much as 1000x times the wager amount. We will also be talking of the bonus later. For now, suffice to say that your maximum win for this game is a whopping £200000. You can begin playing from 25p per spin. The maximum amount you can bet on each round is £250. The House Edge for Scratch The Snake Charmer is a very reasonable 4.48% only. That provides you an RTP of 95.52%. Overall, the returns are quite attractive.

Before moving to the more interesting features of the game, here are some things you should know before you start:

  1. Use the slider bar to change your bet amount
  2. You can either reveal each card one at a time or all together
  3. You can choose to have up to 100 spins done automatically by opting for Autoplay
  4. The individual and cumulative win amount is shown at the bottom of your screen
  5. On the screen, you will also find the words ‘Play Slot’. Click on then to move on to the slot version of the scratch game.


Scratch The Snake Charmer Symbols

Given that it is an India based theme, the look and feel are of a certain type. This, in spite of the fact that India has made rapid strides in science and technology in the last few decades, another thing that the world identifies with when speaking of India is its film industry. With a play on the name of the biggest and brightest film industry called Hollywood from Los Angeles, the Indian one is called Bollywood. The song and dance of Bollywood movies are also represented as a symbol here. Then there is the elephant, which has been another enduring icon associated with India. Just like Africa, the jungles of India have been a happy habitat for the elephant. The elephant has also been used as a symbol in this game. Another symbol is an extension of the snake charmer theme. The snake charmers of India used to carry their collection in flat, round baskets. One of the symbols of Scratch The Snake Charmer is a set of three such baskets. Another important accessory of the snake charmer is the flute, which we already mentioned. This flute is another symbol of this game. Just like you might in the country India, you will find it easy to lose yourself in the colors of this game and its quaint symbols. Before moving on to the next section, here is an indicative list of the wins possible with different symbols:

  • Musical Notes – 1x your bet amount
  • 3 Snake baskets – 2x your bet amount
  • Flute – 5x your bet amount
  • Riverside – 10x your bet amount
  • Elephant                    – 50x your bet amount
  • Bollywood Dancer – 100x your bet amount
  • Snake – 1000x your bet amount
  • Snake Charmer – Free spins


Scratch The Snake Charmer Bonus

The symbol of the Snake Charmer is the trigger for the bonus feature in Scratch The Snake Charmer. You need to score three of these symbols in a row to get into the bonus round. In this round, a new screen would become visible to you. The 5 reels you see would spin automatically. The expanded Wild symbol (Snake) will become visible. They can be used to substitute for other symbols. You need to click on ‘Settings’ and then on the icon marked ‘i’ to understand all the details of the bonus round.



Some of our reviewers are from India, so they were delighted with this game, snake charmers and elephants notwithstanding. But even the rest of us loved this game and its handsome returns. The colorful icons and lilting music was a bonus for us. This is yet another winner from the house of NextGen Gaming!