Scratch Pandamania

Scratch Pandamania is a new scratch card game created by NextGen Gaming. The developer ‘NextGen Gaming’ made its way into the casino world in the year 1999 and has since been the master of delivering quality content. All of its slots, games, and now scratch cards look promising in performance as well as longevity.

This 3×3 playing grid of Scratch Pandamania has a panda themed display which is everyone’s favorite topic. Pandas are those lovely cuddly creatures that exude so much cuteness that players can’t help but adore the theme. Scratch Pandamania has a display featuring vibrant colors, opulent greenery, and vivid characters. The game is nothing short of a visual treat. It has interesting cards which come alive when players unravel them in pairs.


Scratch Pandamania – RTP and Maximum Win

Scratch Pandamania is an interesting scratch card game which can be accessed by players when they wage a bet amount of £0.02. This is the initial cost and the bet range goes as high as £0.50. The colors of Pandamania Scratch are very vivacious, along with that even the profitability of the game is exciting.

Although the RTP rate of the game is at 90.43%, for scratch card games this is high. The maximum win which players can get is 50,000x times the bet or a total of 1000 coins. This game gives more flexibility to its players with its 8 bet-ways.


Scratch Pandamania Symbols

The symbols and the gameplay of this game are both important to know and with their know-how, the players will be able to make the most of it.

The symbols of Scratch Pandamania are joined by ice-cream, colorful candy, panda, multi-colored balloons, travel cart, and the tied-up captain. All these symbols are unique and have their own significance in the game.

Now, with the gameplay, it’s important for players to realize that they can either choose each panel separately or they can “reveal all” if they are impatient. Scratch Pandamania also provides a button of “autoplay” which gives the players the option to continue playing for a streak with a constant wager amount.

Scratch card games basically function in a similar fashion where the aim is to reveal every panel by means of scratching them. Players should aim to uncover matching symbols in a pair of 3 or more. Every pair revealed will have a different value given to them. All these values assigned are displayed upon the pay-table information panel.

Scratch Pandamania Bonus

Scratch Pandamania may not be big on bonuses but it has one very important bonus which can be a game changer for the players. Read about it below:

  • Ladder Bonus: The ladder bonus will be activated when the players reveal 3 or more the Panda Mania symbols. In the Ladder bonus, players attempt to climb the ladder to capture as many doughnuts as they possibly can. The highest numbers of doughnut symbols that can be attained are 9, after which players will be rewarded with a win of 50,000x times the bet.



Scratch Pandamania is a new scratch game by NextGen Gaming. NextGen Gaming always outdoes itself with its new releases. However, the presence of only one bonus level and a lower RTP rate than the most other scratch card games are the two downsides of the game. On the flip side, Scratch Pandamania has a lot of freshness to offer. Especially with the inclusion of the Ladder bonus, the game just became very interesting. So, try your luck once and be vigilant if you want to reveal the symbols in homogenous pairs.