Scratch Joker Jester

When you play Scratch Joker Jester by NextGen, there are two things you will get a lot of. The first is laughter, and that would be clear from the name itself. The second is color, with all colors of the rainbow spread across the game. This game has 5 reels and as many as 20 paylines. This game has a medium volatility level. It’s not a new game, but it still has its followers and continues to draw new players. The gameplay and the graphics are almost comic-like in their appeal. This might put off some players, but they are in a small minority. The majority of players love the symbols, the bonus features, and the great returns. Let us tell you all about these.


Scratch Joker Jester – RTP and Maximum Win

You can begin playing Scratch Joker Jester almost for free. Well, technically, you need to pay a minimum bet amount of 1p. But compared to the riches you could win, 1p is almost like free. Once you have got the hang of this game, you can roll big stakes. The maximum bet amount per spin is as high as 500 pounds. You need to play several rounds to get over the medium volatility. But every once in a while you will win big, is what we can assure you. The base game also has a jackpot which you can target. Although the jackpot isn’t progressive, it can still fetch you a maximum win of 500x times the bet amount. The RTP of this game is 96%, which is but natural, considering the handsome returns you can get.


Scratch Joker Jester Symbols

The basic symbols, as we told you earlier, the joker or the jester is the centre of focus here. That is why the base symbols are all related in some way to the legends associated with these funny people. You will find a lute, for example, which has traditionally been associated with a friendly jester. Then there is the castle symbol. The reason for this is that court jesters usually used to ply their trade in the castles of Kings of yore. The details of all the symbols are provided in the paytable. This is an old game, so it is likely that you are familiar with Scratch Joker Jester. But if you haven’t, then it is recommended that you take a look at the paytable before you begin. On the other hand, you might lose just 1p at the minimum bet level, so just go ahead and play. You can know and understand the symbols as you go along. For now, let us only talk of two special symbols in this game – the Wild and the Scatter.

The Wild symbol is usually able to replace other symbols when the player needs one missing piece to complete a winning combination. The only symbol the Wild can replace is the other special symbol, the Scatter. In Scratch Joker Jester, the Wild also appears occasionally on the screen. This adds more Wilds to the reels. The Jester character is the Wild for this game. The Scatter role is played by the symbol of the barrel. You need to get at least 3 Scatters to get some attractive rewards. When this happens, the Barrel Bonus gets triggered. You get shown a number of barrels (depending on the number of Scatters you drew) and your bet amount. You need to click on them to reveal the prize you have won. When the Wild is drawn behind a particular barrel, it signals the end of this round.


Scratch Joker Jester Bonus

Apart from the Barrel Bonus, there is one more interesting bonus round in Scratch Joker Jester. It is called the Juggle Bonus. The basket filled with eggs is the symbol which triggers it. This symbol has to occur at least thrice for the bonus to get triggered. A mini game-within-game begins in this bonus round. You need to keep collecting as many rounds as you can. A certain number of eggs progresses you to the next round of this mini-game. If you spot a golden egg among your eggs, you are in for a massive prize. On the other hand, if you drop any egg, this bonus round ends.



Our review team goes through hundreds of games every few months. The number of new games that get released every month is stupendous. And when new games come in, people tend to forget the earlier ones. In spite of this, there are some old classics which stick on in people’s minds. Scratch Joker Jester is one such game. Most of our reviewers had played it several times before. But before writing this review, they had no problems in playing again. In case you haven’t this game before, we strongly suggest you give it a go.