Scratch Genie Wild

In case you have played the Genie Wild slot before, this name would sound familiar to you. Scratch Genie is the online scratch version of the same game, brought to you by NextGen. The genie in the bottle is the central character of the game. You need to scratch the covers off the hidden symbols, and also form winning combinations of symbols. All the symbols and their payouts are listed on the card interface. The visuals of the symbols are quite pleasing to the eyes, but the music felt a little tinny and jarring. The game has a typical 3x3 architecture, so there are no surprises there.


Scratch Genie Wild – RTP and Maximum Win

We will explain the symbols later. For now, it is enough to mention that there are 9 symbols in the game. But you need to form winning combinations of 3 symbols only. What this means is that you can possibly make more than one winning combination in a single turn. Once you finish playing, the wins from each batch are added together. The bet amount in this game ranges from 0.25 to 250. If you are starting off, its better you bet manually for each spin. But later on, you can utilize the Autoplay feature. It allows you to set the bet amount for a certain number of spins, after which you can just sit back and watch. The average return to player (RTP) rate of Scratch Genie Wild is 95.35%. What this means is that if you keep playing long enough, you can return with a substantial booty.


Scratch Genie Wild Symbols

As we told you earlier, there are nine symbols of this game. The quality of the animation in Scratch Genie Wild is quite high. The graphics also were pretty impressive. We have listed below a list of the symbols you would play with in this game. Please check the paytable for the returns on different combinations, in case you haven’t played the game before. You can click on the cog to see the paytable and also the game rules. Here is a list of some of those symbols:

  • Playing Cards symbols – low value
  • Cushion – 3 in a line provide 1x your bet amount
  • Bowls of fruit – 3 in a line provide 2x your bet amount
  • Lamp – 3 in a line provide 5x your bet amount
  • Emerald – 3 in a line provide 10x your bet amount
  • Gold chest – 3 in a line provide 50x your bet amount
  • Monkey – 3 in a line provide 100x your bet amount
  • Genie – 3 in a line provide 1x your bet amount
  • Bottle – 10 free slot spins

The Genie is the symbol after which the Scratch Genie Wild game is named. Not only that, but the Genie is also the Wild symbol in the game. The Wild can take the place of other symbols when a winning combination is to be scored. It also appears randomly on any one reel, providing more opportunities for free spins. The bottle is the additional bonus feature, also called Scatter in some games.


Scratch Genie Wild Bonus

Let us begin with something we already mentioned in passing earlier – the free spins. When you get three or more bottle symbols, the free spins get triggered. You are given 10 free spins when this happens. There is another way in which you can win free spins. That is when the expanded Wilds appear randomly on any one of the reels. Here too you get ten free spins. But unlike some other games we have reviewed, the free spins of Scratch Genie Wild can’t be retriggered. During the free spin rounds, the playing card symbols (lower value) would be most likely to feature. Additionally, you would also see the fruit bowl and the emerald. These are symbols with medium returns. Finally, during the free spin rounds, you will find the monkey and the gold chest. These are the highest paying among all the symbols. Whether winning with combinations or in free spins, you need to remember that scratch games are slightly different. They are an alternative to the regular slot games, and you need to scratch the symbols to reveal what’s underneath.



The absence of any bonus levels was the only disappointment for our reviewers in this game. The free spins do improve your chances of big wins. But a bonus round or two, in addition, would have been welcome. The other area of improvement was the soundtrack. On the flip side, there are some bright spots too. For example, the symbol returns are quite good. The 1000x or even 100x returns, for example, are much higher than most other games. We also loved the sharp graphics and attractive animation. The RTP rate of the game was the final feature that sealed the deal for us. We would recommend this game highly.