Scratch Call Of The Colosseum

The beautiful creation of Emperor Titus, Colosseum is known to all of us. Featuring the Roman beauty and its history is the Next Generation gaming’s scratch game Call of The Colosseum. Being a gladiator fan, the concept might be of immense interest to you. The game, Scratch Call of The Colosseum revolves around the captivating aura of the Romanian structure.

The game has a total of 3 reels along with 3 rows. NextGen gaming has left no window in giving the best video quality to the players. Thus, you can avail the best version on any of the devices across the world. It is easily accessible and this makes it even more amazing to play.


Scratch Call Of The Colosseum - RTP and Maximum Win

The RTP that the game holds will undoubtedly blow your mind away. The return to player rate of the game is no less than 95.53%. This speaks a lot about the game and its amazing features. The overall gameplay and outlook of the game are what gives the game the required kick.

Talking about the maximum wins of the game, you would know what jaw-dropping offer you have your way. Scratch Call Of The Colosseum gives you the chance of winning a maximum of 50000 coins while playing the game. No wonder the game holds an impressive RTP.


Scratch Call Of The Colosseum Symbols

There is immense importance that has been paid to the game’s graphics and design. The overall structure of the game is such that it makes it easily understandable. The colors and images used are undeniably attractive. It not just attracts new players but also retains the interest of the existing ones.

The backdrop of the game gives an insight into a stadium under a bright and clear blue sky. You can even spot the filled up seats of the full-house stadium. It seems like it is all set for a thrilling gladiator match. There are numerous other interesting symbols in the game which are all related to the game’s theme. These symbols pop up on the white background of the reels. You will find a pair of leather sandals giving the lowest reward of 1 times your stake. The other symbols include a shield of a warrior. Along with it, there is a warrior’s helmet on the reels as well. A fierce tiger roaring adds the interest on the reels and the beautiful Romanian woman adds grace to it. A chariot and the colosseum itself also are a part of the amazing symbols offered by the game to play. The Emperor himself is the highest paying symbol in the game.


Scratch Call Of The Colosseum Bonus

There are hardly any scratch games that provide the bonus feature. Reason being that the scratch games are made for the sole purpose of simple and enjoyable gaming experience. That is what NextGen Gaming has successfully given the players in the game.

The winnings in the game can be attained similar to that in any other scratch game. All you need to do is to scratch the card and then find out the symbol beneath it. The moment you get similar symbols on the reels, you’ll be rewarded for the same. The amount that you win depends primarily on the amount you’ve placed the bet with. Secondly, the symbols have different payouts for each of them. Hence, the symbols that reveal and have a matching symbol around will give you a payout assigned to their value. The higher bet that you place, the better chance you hold of winning the jackpot price.

There is a bonus ladder in the game that gives you a chance to win high. You get to step up the ladder when you collect coins. This is what will ultimately give you the highest win. On attaining 9 coins, you will be eligible to win 50000 coins. This makes the game super interesting.

There is no separate wow bonus round in the game. Many might take it to be a drawback but it does add an advantage to the game. Being a scratch game, it is obliged to be simple and easily playable. You don’t need complex and intense gaming features to ruin a simple scratch game. There are hardly any scratch games that give you a bonus option. The game’s high RTP is enough to give you an idea of how easily you can fill up your pockets with good money.



Next Generation Gaming’s Scratch Call Of The Colosseum is an easy and simple game overall. Even if you have just entered the gambling industry and are a newbie, you can easily play the game. Most of the attention in the game is paid to its attractive graphics and intriguing rewards. The game undoubtedly justifies the theme the way it presents itself.