Scratch Bigfoot

Bigfoot is an integral part of popular North American culture. It refers to a hairy ape-like creature that leaves footprints behind. There have been several claims of Bigfoot sightings over the years. NextGen brings this legend to life with their new 5-reel online game called Scratch Bigfoot. The core theme of this game is the hunt for Bigfoot. You can play it on all devices, including PCs and Macs, smartphones, and iPads. This is fashioned like a treasure hunt. The more icons related to the Bigfoot story you can find, the more you can win. But unlike the scary Bigfoot stories, the game has very friendly and interesting imagery related to Bigfoot.


Scratch Bigfoot – RTP and Maximum Win

At a basic level, you need to match 3, 4, or 5 symbols on a reel. The lowest valued symbols are depicted by playing card symbols. These combinations can get you from 5x to 150x times your stake. But there are some special occasions when you can win much bigger amounts. For example, if you land five campfire symbols, you would get 200x your bet amount. Then there are the picture-postcard photo symbols. If you get all 5 of that symbol on a reel, you will be rewarded 2000x your stake. But the biggest reward comes from the Bigfoot hunters, who can provide 5000x returns if you can get 5 of them in a line. Scratch Bigfoot has as many as 25 paylines. You also get the option of choosing from 9 stake options. These start from 0.01 coins and can go up to 2 coins. This means that the minimum bet is 0.01 coins per spin and the maximum is 50 coins a spin. The game has medium to low variance and the average return to player (RTP) rate is 95.01%.


Scratch Bigfoot Symbols

While discussing the returns in the previous section, we did talk of some of the symbols of Scratch Bigfoot. Here is a quick recap of some symbols you would play with:

  • Card symbol Ace
  • Card symbol King
  • Card symbol Queen
  • Card symbol Jack
  • Card symbol Ten
  • Card symbol Nine
  • Campfire
  • Picture Postcard photos
  • Big Foot enthusiasts
  • Big Foot beware signboards

These symbols mentioned above are of value based on how many of them can be formed as a running combination. Apart from these, there are two more symbols which are valuable in a different way. The first special symbol is called the Wild. And it represents the image of Big Foot, the protagonist of this tale. The Wild appears on the second, third, and fourth positions on all reels. You can use the Wild to substitute for any other symbol in order to strike a winning combination. The only symbol it can’t replace is the other special symbol, the Scatter. The Scatter gives you additional returns of 2x to 100x times your stake. For this to happen, you need to land at least 2 Scatters in a line. Additionally, the Scatter symbol also triggers a bonus round. We will talk of this round in the next section.


Scratch Bigfoot Bonus

The most interesting bonus round of Scratch Bigfoot is not triggered by Bigfoot himself. You need the full Bigfoot Family for this to happen. This symbol appears on the middle three positions of the reel. Whenever this happens, the Big Foot bonus feature gets triggered. You are taken to a forest scene. All you need to do is to touch any pair of eyes that you can see. Additionally, there is a Free Games bonus feature. The attraction of a free game is that it doesn’t provide any benefits directly. It provides you another shot at winning, though, and for free. That is why the Free Games feature of Scratch Bigfoot is so attractive. It is triggered by 2 to 5 Big Foot paw-print symbol, which is the Scatter. The Free Games feature triggered by three Scatter symbols provides you 10 free games. When you play these free games, you get double the paytable reward of the symbols. Additionally, the Scatter also provides you up to 100x your stake amount, which we already mentioned.



Serious commentators have brushed aside the Bigfoot stories as a combination of a few things. They attribute the popularity of this legend to a combination of factors. Some of these are folklore, misidentification, and even downright untruth. The link of Bigfoot, if any, to a real animal has been mostly discounted as a product of the imagination. That shouldn’t deter you from enjoying this game, though. Beautiful and intriguing landscapes combined with rich rewards keep you captivated. Scratch Bigfoot has Wilds, Scatters, free games, and welcome bonuses. All of these combine with high-quality gameplay and architecture from NextGen. The high number of paylines helps you in winning well and winning often. This game doesn’t give you a chance to get bored or scared either. The NextGen name should be enough, but this game has many more features going in its favor.