Lucky Spin European Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games which are still widely played by punters around the world. Apparently, the game is loved by many people because it is easy to play and you don’t require any skills to get started. Roulette has evolved over the past years and today you will find a good number of both online and brick and mortar casinos offering different variants of this exciting game of luck. The two main variants of this game are American and European Roulette. Of the two, the European version is more popular than American Roulette. The first version of European Roulette was invented back in the 17th century by two great people, Francois and Louisa Blanc. One of the main differences between the two versions is the number of pockets on the gaming board. European roulette has a total of 37 pockets which gives a low house edge of 2.70 than its counter part with 38 pockets with a high house edge of 5.27%. The high demand for European roulette has forced software developers like Future Gaming Solutions (FUGASO) to create different variants of the game like Lucky Spin European Roulette. In this review, you will learn all there is, you need to know about this new version including how to play, the game features, bets and payouts and much more.


Game Overview

The game of Lucky Spin European Roulette is a classic version from the leading game developer, Fugaso. It features a wheel with 0-36 pockets, call betting and special betting options. Like other variants of this game, the objective is to correctly predict the pocket where the ball will land after spinning the wheel. All betting options including the min and max bets, sound settings, game info are well placed on the gaming screen. The payouts of Lucky Spin European Roulette are made based on the paytable of the game.


How to Place Bets

The sleek interface allows you to enjoy Lucky Spin European Roulette in a flawless mode. To start, points on different marked areas on the roulette table and choose according to your bankroll. A window will pop up when the position is selected to display the minimum and maximum bets. To place a bet, choose the chip value and click on a number or marked area on the table. Additional multiple click will increase the size of the chip value on the selected wager. After placing you bet, you have the option of viewing the bet value and the total payout by pointing at the chips on the roulette table. Once you have finished placing your bet, click on the Spin button to initiate the game round. All the winning the numbers are paid out after the ball has landed in specific pockets. Players who chose the desktop version enjoy different features like call bets, special bets, panel bets, racetracks, statistics and billboards.


Types of Bets

In the game of Lucky Spin European Roulette, you can place different bets including the inside bets, outside bets, call bets and special bets. Below is a breakdown of each type of bets:

Inside Bets

They are placed on specific numbers on the game table. They include:

Straight bet: It is placed on a single number on the table.

Split bet: It is placed on two adjacent numbers.

Three line or Street bet: It is placed on a row of three numbers. You can bet on 0,1,2 or 0,2,3 on the corners of the 12 rows.

Corner Bet: It is placed on four numbers such as 0,1,2,3 by placing the chip at the intersecting point.

Six Line bet: It is placed on six numbers; two rows of three numbers without the zero.


Outside Bets


This bets are placed the areas on the roulette table representing groups of numbers. The outside bets include:

Column bet: It is placed on twelve numbers, i.e one column of the twelve numbers. The chips is placed on one of the three areas marked 2 to 1.

Dozen bet: It is placed on 12 numbers; four rows of three numbers.

Red/Black bet: It is placed on all the 18 numbers i.e either all black numbers or red numbers.

Even/Odd: It is placed on 18 numbers i.e all the even numbers without the zero or all the odd numbers.

1-18/19-36 bet: It is placed on the 18 numbers ie, the firs 18 numbers minus the zero or all the last 18 numbers.


Call Bets


The call bets include one or more inside bets on a series of numbers as they feature on the game table wheel. Some of these bets have a minimum number of chips that must be placed for the wager to be valid. The bet is made by placing the chips on the directly on the racetrack. The race track is accessed by clicking on the racetrack icon on the keypad. Some of the call bets include:

Number and Neighbours bets: This is a default bet five numbers i.e 1 and the two numbers that show up on both sides of the number of the roulette wheel. The number of neighbours in the game can be increased or reduced by clicking on the plus and minus signs.

Jeu Zero bet:  It is placed on a series of seven numbers, that is; 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15.

Tier bet: It is placed on a series of twelve numbers i.e 27,13,36,11,30,8,23,10,5,24,16,and 33.

Orphellins bet: It is placed on two series of eight numbers that is: 17,34,6 and 1,20,14,31,and 9.

Voisins bet: It is placed on a series of 17 numbers including 22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,0,32,15,19,4,21,2 and 25.


Special Bets


They are a type of call bets that are made by placing the chips directly on the name of the wager in the special bets menu. The special bets can either be the inside bets of one types or a combination of inside bets. The min number of chips plus the payout is indicated on the paytable. The main special bets include:

Red and Black Splits: Its placed on either all possible split bets on red numbers (9/12, 18/21, 16/19, and 27/30) or all numbers marked black (8/11, 10/11, 10/13, 17/20, 26/29, 29/28, and 29/31).

Finale Plein: It is placed on one number and all extra numbers that end with that particular number.

Finale Cheval: It is a split wager on two numbers and extra split bets on the numbers that end with the same pair.

Finale Cheval/Plein: It is a split bet on two numbers and all the numbers that end with the two particular numbers.


The Gamble Feature


This feature allows you to gamble your wins. You will be given two cards to choose from; red or black. If your prediction is correct, your winnings will be doubled by two. You lose your gamble amount plus winnings if the prediction is wrong.


Game Statistic and Billboard

All the game rounds, hot and cold numbers, and the table’s statistics are listed on the statistics panel.

Wheel statistics: It displays the distribution of the winning numbers for the past 500 rounds.

Hot Numbers: It displays the four most drawn numbers in the past 500 spins.

Cold Numbers: It displays the four numbers featuring the highest number of spins in the last 500 spins.

Bar Charts: This section lists Red/Black and Odd/Even wagers and the percentage of the game round.


Where to Play


There are numerous online casinos offering players with different Roulette games. Nonetheless, very few are offering Fugaso’s Lucky Spin European Roulette version. bCasino is a relatively new online casino site that is giving roulette lovers a chance to play this game both in free trial and real money modes. The operator is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the secured by the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption software. You will find other games powered by the same developer among other giant companies. One thing that puts bCasino above other casinos is the generous welcome bonus of up to $1200 bonus. The customer supported agents are friendly and skilled about casino matters.