Chinese Roulette

When we hear the word roulette, we often think of the Russian version involving bullets to the head. But there are less violent and more interesting versions of roulette too. For example, there is American Roulette and there is European Roulette. These slot games are directed more at the Western world, though. 1x2 Gaming has taken advantage of this gap to design an interesting casino slot called Chinese Roulette.

The game has been entirely designed using Chinese imagery. That is why it should appeal to the Asian audience (specifically Chinese). Before we get into the game details, a word of caution - you need to download the game on to your desktop. You can’t play it on your smartphone or tablet. Also, the layout is slightly different, so a good look at the odds before starting to play is recommended.


Chinese Roulette – RTP and Maximum Win

The game settings are simple enough. The chips have values from 0.25 to 100, and you need to select the chip you will play with. The minimum bet in Chinese Roulette is 0.25. The table limit is a maximum of 200. You just click on the ‘Spin’ icon to begin each round. While betting for each round, you will enjoy the attractive 3D animations on the colorful Chinese symbols. RTP is one of the most attractive features of this game. With an average return to player rate of 97.5%, you are more or less assured of good returns when you play. It is important to familiarize yourself with the symbols in this game. This is because they are quite different from most other games.


Chinese Roulette Deluxe Symbols

So many people believe in destiny and what the stars foretell for them. The Chinese zodiac system has been used not only as a means of foretelling the future but as a guiding principle for life. In Chinese Roulette, the symbols of the Chinese zodiac have been used to replace the usual board with numbers. The chip that will be used for betting is selected and then placed on the symbol that you are betting on. If you get a match, you win. So, let us take a look at what the symbols are, and how they are arranged. There are a total of 21 symbols in Chinese Roulette. They are arranged in three distinct sets.

The first set of symbols represents the foul elements Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. These four symbols bring up the lowest lower and are placed below the roulette wheel. The positive and negative signs separate these symbols from the wheel. The second set is again based on commonly known images. They are the 4 meteorological seasons - winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

The third set of symbols has several layers and consists of twelve symbols. Those familiar with astronomy would know that the Chinese zodiac has twelve symbols. This third set is again divided into four rows of symbols, which are as follow:

  • Row 1 – Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon
  • Row 2 – Snake, Horse, Goat
  • Row 3 – Monkey, Rooster, Dog
  • Row 4 – Pig, Rat, Ox

Each of the names above is arranged in descending order (as per Chinese script), and they each have 3 pockets each. The 36 pockets of these 12 symbols are for you. The 37th pocket is for the House, and it offers an advantage to the casino operator.

The above three sets of symbols have a total of 20 of the 21 symbols. The last symbol is called ‘Infinity’. It is represented by ∞ (an 8 turned on its side) to represent the infinite.


Chinese Roulette Deluxe Odds

As we said, the returns from this game accrue differently from other games. You place a bet on a certain symbol and hope it wins, instead of aiming for a combination of symbols. That is why you should be familiar with the odds of winning on bets placed on each symbol. The paytable will have complete details, and you must familiarize yourself. Here is a ready reckoner of those odds:

  • Infinity symbol ∞ - 35:1
  • Zodiac symbols – 11:1
  • Any two adjacent symbols – 5:1
  • Combination of ∞ and any two symbols – 4:1
  • 4 Elements – 3:1
  • 4 Seasons – 3:1
  • Full row – 2:1
  • Positive or negative icons – 1:1

If you have not played any roulette before, then you can read this review, do your own research, and start playing. But in case you have played European Roulette before, you only need to get used to the change from simple numbers (1 to 36) to symbols.

Outside of the ∞ symbol, the maximum chances to win are provided by the zodiac symbols with odds of 11 to 1.



You might need to spend time to get used to the differences in this game. But we recommend that the effort you put in will be well worth it. So, if you haven’t played it, you must try Chinese Roulette today. The old thrill of playing the roulette will be back pretty soon, only with new symbols.