Fortune VIP

Main Features

Brand: Fortune VIP

Category: Live Dealer

Software: Evolution Gaming

Min Bet (per hand): $250 up to $5,000

Supported Devices: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

Release Year: December 2018


Overview of Fortune VIP Blackjack

The veteran and premier live dealer software provider – Evolution Gaming- has a new title to their vast selection of Blackjack brands that allows you to gamble high stakes. Fortune VIP offers a realistic gaming experience close to what is in ultra-modern brick and mortar casinos.  This Blackjack game stands out from its peers because of the stylish design, grandeur surrounding, high wagering limits, and additional side bets. The game follows the standard rules that apply to most Blackjack games. The goal is to beat the dealer’s hand. All live video streams are seamless and offered in exclusive HD quality. You will find friendly and knowledgeable human dealers who manage all the action in the game, including shuffling real cards, starting games, etc. Read our complete review to learn more about hand options, side bets, features, and gameplay in Fortune VIP Blackjack.


How to Play Fortune VIP Blackjack

As aforementioned, VIP Blackjack variants are specifically crafted to attract high roller players, and that is exactly what this brand is offering. Players stake from a minimum of $250 per hand and can be increased up to $5000 that benefits from a decent Return to Player of 99.4% across all devices. To add on, it comes with Side Bets like 21+3, Perfect Pairs, Three of a Kind, etc. to boost your bankroll. Another appealing element about this VIP version of Blackjack is that it accommodates more than 7 players, thanks to the ‘Bet Behind’ option. This extra functionality allows you to join a game and on the hand of another player. Of course, the objective is to score a hand close to 21 without exceeding it. The basic Evolution Gaming rules apply in the game. This game is played with eight standard 52 cards decks, and like always, the dealer stands on 17. You are allowed to double down on any 2 initial cards or split initial cards of equal value where only one split is accepted per hand. Before you start playing, it is essential to be familiar with the pre-decisions you can make.


Blackjack Pre-Decisions

As you are aware, there are several options you can take in the game of Blackjack. The following decisions can be taken in the game of Fortune VIP Blackjack:

Sit: A green button will be visible when there is a vacant seat. Click on the button to join the table.

Bet: Select the amount by clicking on the chip value you want ($2500 to $5000).

Hit: Click on Hit to request another card.

Stand: Click on the Stand button if you are satisfied with the cards

Double Down: A third card is awarded when you Double Down to match the dealer’s main wager

Split: You are allowed to split your cards into two separate hands if the initial cards have the same value

Insurance: You are given the option to take insurance if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. This helps to offset the risk that the dealer has a Blackjack.

Blackjack: This is when the value of your initial two-card hand is exactly 21.


Fortune VIP Side Bets

The Side Bets are what make this game even more appealing than other Blackjack variants. The exciting thing about them is that they can be placed alongside the main bets. The two most common side bets you will come, across in this variant are 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

Perfect Pairs

This bet provides you an opportunity to win if your first two cards include any pair, for example, Queens, two Aces, etc. The three main types of pair you will find in this bet are:

  • Perfect Pair; same suit
  • Colored Pair: Different suits of the same color
  • Mixed pair: Different suits

21+3 Bet

This bet allows you to win if the first two cards plus the dealer’s upcard includes any of the following pairs:

  • Suited Trips: triplets of the same kind, e.g., 3 queens of Hearts
  • Straight Flush: in numerical order and same suit like 10, J and Q of Diamonds
  • Three of a Kind: similar values with different suits such as any 3 nonidentical Kings
  • Straight: in numerical order and different suits
  • Flush: Irregular cards of the same suit

Mobile Compatibility

You can enjoy this brilliant Blackjack game on the go or right from the coziness of your living room. It is fully optimized for Android and Windows-powered tablets and smartphones with no download required. You can play directly through any mobile web browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Our Verdict

Fortune VIP Blackjack is the perfect game for all players looking for large payouts. It is designed with a glossy interface and comes with a range of features to enhance the play. Being a live dealer version, you will experience the thrill and immersive of playing at a real land-based casino in the palm of your hands.