Auto Roulette VIP

Are you an active online gambler looking to immerse in some enjoyable casino action? Auto Roulette is a really great game to suffice your indulgence needs. Auto Roulette VIP is a creation of Evolution Gaming. Playing this game is a life-like poker experience which you can savor at the comfort of your living room. The game uses the newest form of roulette spins along with an unparalleled user interface. A croupier will guide you throughout the game while you enjoy the experience.

The game has a blend of high-stakes gaming along with a mechanism of automatic wheels. This means that players can immerse in the grand betting limits any time of the day.


Auto Roulette VIP by Evolution Gaming

The developer company which has produced Auto Roulette VIP is Evolution Gaming. This software development company is a master of creating mesmerizing and life-like immersive gambling experience. Evolution Gaming is a pioneer of its field and all the games it produces are a cut above all the rest of its competitors. The games created by Evolution Gaming are fantastic and serve as perfect go-to options. So if you want to indulge in some bleeding edge tech games that offer you engrossing gaming experience, the games developed by Evolution Gaming can be the best choices for you.


Bonus Features

The amazing live casino game has a multitude of thrilling features. So what are you waiting for? Read along to discover a detailed description of these features and the following two popular bets of this game:

1. Inside Bet

This is the kind of bet used in this game when you wage your bet upon the digits present on the table. These numbers can be mostly found in colors black and red. The range of these numbers goes from 0 to 36. Inside Bets come in 7 different categories. On Auto Roulette VIP these are:

  • Split: In split, you bet 2 adjacent numbers placed upon the table;
  • Trio: Trios, as the name implies are bets of 3 numbers inclusive of zero(s);
  • Straight: This bet only covers a single number;
  • Basket: This bet refers to placing a bet upon number 0, 1, 2 or 3;
  • Street: This bet takes care of 3 successive or consecutive digits which are placed upon the same line;
  • Corner: This bet places bets upon 4 numbers;
  • Six Line: It is referred to a bet placed upon adjacent lines.

2. Outside Bet

Outside bets are pretty self-explanatory as they are those bets where the players wager outside the given bet table. Outside bets are of 4 types and these types are also followed in Auto Roulette VIP by Evolution Gaming. Read along to know what they are:

  • Even or Odd Bet: These two kinds of outside bets function the same way. The only difference between them is that they either bet odd numbers or even numbers. So, here the bet contains 18 digits which are either all odd or all even;
  • Column Bet: Here the bet is placed upon 12 numbers and these range from 1 to 12;
  • Red and Black Bet: This is also like the odd or even bet but the only difference is that the 18 numbers which are being waged will either be all reds or all blacks;
  • Dozen Bet: Here, you can bet on 12 digits and these numbers will be assembled in 4 rows along with three columns.

These are the kinds of betting styles this game offers. Some other features about Auto Roulette are its smooth interface and high level of compatibility. You can play this game anytime and on any device, be it a PC or a smartphone.


How to Play Auto Roulette VIP

To dive into the amazing world of life-live online roulette, you first have to roll the Live Auto Roulette game. You should start the game by setting up of a chip out of the 7 various chips that will be given to you to choose from. Once you have selected your desire chip, you will have to place the chip on the field you want.

The rules of Auto-Roulette VIP are not any different from the standard roulette casino. So, if you have experience of playing real roulette, you won’t have much of a problem. The rules anyway are fairly simple to understand and comprehend. One tip which will help you in this game is that you can still place your wager regardless of whether the wheel has started spinning or not.



Auto Roulette VIP is a fantastic alternative for people who love their classic roulette but don’t have the time to actually visit a land-based casino, as this game gives you a very real feel of a casino set up. It is also perfect for punters who would much rather prefer casino which is fast-paced. And with the ease of access of this game, high betting limits, and smooth interface, you will have a jolly good time here.