Full Blackjack Strategy Guide

Right Approach

The similarity between land-based and online blackjack players is that they both forget to use the basic strategy. If you chose to play for real money, it is crucial to utilize a blackjack strategy to help you beat the dealer. Even though blackjack is considered one of the easiest games, it is difficult to succeed without using certain approaches and protocols. As you may be aware, the role of blackjack strategy guide is to cut down the house edge. Also, it will help you to know the moves that will give you higher chances of winning. Remember, the card values are limited, so are the number of card combinations. Our full blackjack strategy guide will help you to learn about different approaches like surrender, pair splitting, doubling down, hitting, and standing.

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Blackjack Surrender Strategy

Surrender is one of the most misunderstood strategies by blackjack players. But it can work miracles if used in a proper way. The blackjack surrender strategy works in a very simple way. You are given a chance to forfeit your hand and 'Surrender' half of your original bet if you see that the chances of winning are very minimal.

There are two types of blackjack strategy; early surrender and late surrender. Late surrender strategy allows you to give up your hand after the dealer looks at his hole card and when he shows an ace or 10. It reduces the house edge to around 0.07% in multiple deck games. The early surrender strategy is where the dealer does not pick a whole card until after all players have checked their hands.


Blackjack Pair Splitting Strategy

The rules for splitting pairs is simple and straightforward. You are given a chance to split two cards of the same value into separate hands. The determining factor in the pair splitting strategy is the number of a deck of cards and the rules in play.


Blackjack Double Down Strategy

With the double down strategy, the casino gives you a chance to double your initial wager as a return for being dealt with one draw card. Once you chose to double down, you surrender the option of drawing more than one card. In most cases, a casino may allow you to double down on any two card hand. The total of the cards in your hand and the dealer's face up card are the main factors that determine whether or not you should double down.


Blackjack Hit and Stand Strategy

One of the most common mistake among blackjack newbies is standing on their hard hands because they dont want to burst. A hard hand is one that can be busted by a one card draw, and the worst hand you can get are 12 through 17. The general rule of this strategy states as follows:

Always hit hard 11 or less.

Stand on hard 12 against a dealer 4-6 otherwise hit.

Always hit on soft 17 or less


 Blackjack Insurance and Even Money Strategy

Insurance and even money strategies use different rules as follows:

Insurance Strategy: The dealer will ask if a player wishes to make an Insurance bet whenever he shows an upcard. This is an optional bet where the player bets that the dealer's hole card is either a 10 or picture card.

Even Money Strategy: This strategy is used when the dealer displays an ace face-up card, and you have a blackjack in hand. The dealer asks if you would like to take even money and if you agree, you will be paid "Even Money" on your bet and the game ends.


Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

With the right conditions, it is possible to beat several blackjack games with the card counting strategy. There are different card counting techniques used by experts and professional blackjack players. The most important is to keep an eye on high value, a middle value, and low-value cards have been played. You have a higher advantage of winning if most of the high-value cards have been played.


Blackjack Single Deck Strategy

Applying early surrender strategy when playing with the single deck will give about 1% advantage over the dealer at all time.

Bottom Line

It is essential to note that while blackjack strategy has been proven mathematically, you will learn that the rules of playing may vary based on the number of players, the decks being used to play and much more. Which is why we advise you to understand any strategy before you apply it to play real money online blackjack.