Single Deck Blackjack

The casino industry has evolved massively over the years. With the introduction of online casinos, players have the comfort of playing the popular casino games on their mobile devices while sitting back and relaxing at their home. Card games have always entertained a large number of casino players. One of the main reasons behind this is the number of variants available for the players. Out of all the card games, blackjack has become one of the most popular games with a large number of variations available. Most of the variations are based on the standard rules of the game.

Play Single Deck Blackjack

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Single Deck Blackjack by Play N Go

Play N Go has been in the casino industry for a very long time and has presented many popular casino gaming titles including some very famous slot games and card games. Being developed by one of the leading casino game development industry, Single Deck Blackjack features all the aspects one would demand from a good casino card game. You will realistic and crisp graphics coupled with a background music that sets you in the mood of gambling instantly. The entire user interface of the game has been designed intuitively thus making the game easy even for novice players. The game is a variant of Single Jack American Blackjack with basic rules similar to classic blackjack game. This is a multi-hand game and the players can play up to three hands which gives an edge.

User Interface

Clicking the name of the game will lead you to the initial screen where will be greeted with the name of the game along with Play N Go, the game developer’s logo. If you facing any issue while loading the game in your browser then make sure that the flash player is turned on otherwise the game would not load. Once you are on the game page, you will see that the interface is dominated by the green color thus inspired from the land-based casino.

Graphics are minimalistic in nature and look rather plain.

You will see a realistic looking deck of the cards on the top right side of the screen. Besides the card, maximum and minimum bet allowed is also written with 1 being the minimum allowed bet and 100 being the maximum.

At the center of the screen, you will find basic rules of the game such as “Blackjack Pays 6 to 5,” “Dealer must stand on 17 and Draw To 16” and “Insurance pays 2 to 1” written in bold for the players who are unaware of the payout offered by the game.

Below the rules are buttons that can be used for placing the bets in the game. Since this is a multi-hand game and players are allowed to play up to three hands, there are three buttons labeled ‘Click To Play’ to play each hand.

A green colored button with ‘Deal’ written is used for starting the deal. You can clear all the bets using the ‘Clear All’ button which is placed adjacent to the Deal button.

On the bottom left side, you will find the button to tinker the game options. You can modify different game settings such as Sound, Voices, background music, lear table, auto start game, and fast play. You can toggle the button if you want to turn on a certain option. There is a question marked shaped button that is used for reading the rules of the game. Clicking on this button opens all the rules of the blackjack game in a new browser window.

A counter is also running at the bottom of the screen displaying balance, bet and winnings for the convenience of the players.

Game Rules

Single Deck Blackjack is a fairly easy game to master if you have played a standard game of blackjack prior to this. Some of the basic rules of the game are as follows:

  • Cards are reshuffled post every round so that players are unable to count the number of cards.
  • The dealer has to stand on all 17s.
  • According to the rules of the game, players are allowed to split a hand only once.
  • While splitting an ace, players will be provided just one additional card.
  • The hand amounting to 21 post splitting will not be considered as a blackjack; instead, it will be counted as 21.
  • The game is played with just one deck of cards and players can play up to three hands in the game.
  • Double is allowed on any two cards.
  • The game also has the feature of late surrender.
  • Players also have the option of doubling after a split. However, doubling after a split is not allowed when aces are split.
  • After the player and the dealer have been dealt with the initial cards, Dealer is allowed to peek at its face down card to check whether the cards are forming a blackjack or not.

How to Play Single Deck Blackjack by Play N Go

To place the bets in the game, you will have to use the chips of different denominations such as 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100 given in the game interface. If you want to place a bet, click on the bet spot on the table. For starting the game, click on the Deal button and to clear all the placed bets, choose the clear all option. The objective of the game is to reach to the value of 21 before the dealer does. However, if the value of the cards you have in your hand exceeds the value of 21, you will be busted and will lose out on your bets.

If you want to get the blackjack, the handheld by you must have the first two cards dealt to you with the value as 21. This will be required to beat a hand consisting of three or more cards with value as 21.

The cards are fairly valued in the game. All the numbered cards between 2 and 10 carry their own face value. Cards above 10 including Jacks, Queens, and Kings have their value fixed at 10. The value of an ace depends on the advantage to the player and can hold either 1 or 10. There is no importance of the suit of the cards in this game.

Actions Allowed In the Game

There are several actions labeled with different terminologies that can be performed in the game. We have explained all the terminologies used throughout in the game below:

·        Rebet:

A Rebet action is used for placing the bet equal to your initial bet in the next round.

·        Deal:

The Deal button is used for starting a round after placing a bet.

·        Hit:

The Hit button is used for getting an additional card. Players are allowed to click on Hit button multiple times before clicking on the Stand button.

·        Chip:

With the Chip button, you can select the chip on which you want to place the bet.

·        “X” Chip:

“X” Chip button is used for removing the bet placed on a chip. You need to click on the X button on the chip to cancel the bet.

·        Stand:

Stand button should be pressed when you are satisfied with the cards and do not want any additional card. Players automatically stand on hand that has its total as 21.

·        Split:

The Split is performed if the first two cards hold the same value.  When splitting a hand, a bet equal to your initial bet is placed on the splitted hands.

·        Double:

Players are allowed to double their bets after receiving their first two cards.

·        Insurance:

You can place an insurance bet of the first card dealt to the dealer is an ace. A bet equal to the half the value of your initial bet is placed automatically.

·        Surrender:

You have the option to forfeit your hands after you have been dealt with the first two cards.


Single Deck Blackjack is a famous card game provided by Play N Go. The game is meant for those who are new at the game and want to improve their skill set. The game is fairly easy to play provided you know the basic rules of the game. You can adopt the best strategy to get the outcome with a decent sum of money. Players will be surely impressed with realistic graphics and fast-paced game.