Micro Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the popular Card and Table games worldwide. Micro Blackjack is one of the variants of the Blackjack game in the casino industry. The original Blackjack game was invented in the 17th century. It did not get much popularity worldwide at that time. People got to know about the game very late and after that, this game has been spreading its kingdom with all of its mighty variants in every casino in the world. The basics of each variant are near about same with a few changes in the rules. Micro Blackjack follows the same.

Micro Blackjack is mainly made for the new players of Blackjacks. This one can get more interesting and exciting over time. The main difference is the completion of the dealer’s hand before the player receives all of the cards in his hand. The dealer will get the hole card before the player gets his last card. This is what makes the game more interesting.

Play Micro Blackjack

New players always deserve a good casino to start their casino gaming life. A great casino with a huge variety of games and trustworthy customer support service can make any player feel safe in this casino gaming industry. bCasino is that name in the UK which people trust blindly for playing in an online casino. bCasino is one of the most popular casinos in the world. The casino is famous for its wide range of games and 24/7 user-friendly customer services. There are a wide range of blackjack games available on bCasino, among which micro blackjack is one.

Micro Blackjack by NetEnt

NetEnt or more precisely Net Entertainment is developing casino games for years. NetEnt is a well-known casino software developer in the world and they have developed the game Micro Blackjack. This variant is specially developed for newcomers keeping in mind the facts of raising interest in Blackjacks. The game is smooth in performance and clean in sound quality.

User Interface

The interface of the game is quite interactive and attractive. This is near about same with the other variants of Blackjack games. A green or brown table with decks of cards on the right side of the screen, dealer’s area is in front (top) of the table and the player’s area is in the bottom side. The cards are kept in a transparent box on the right side. There will be a transparent box too on the left side. This box is empty initially and the played cards will be kept in that box after each round. At the bottom of the gaming screen, there will be coins to set the bet amount. The coins will have different numbers on those, indicating the betting amount with each of the coins. Players can see areas marked where the cards will be given. There are colorful buttons of setting bet, hit, stand, double, split etc. on the screen too. A settings button is there also to set the volume and to set the graphics options.

After betting and dealing, the hit and stand button will appear. According to the gameplay, there may appear other buttons like double or split. After the distribution of the cards, the total value of each hand will be shown beside the hands. This makes it easier to play the game quickly and conveniently. Other details like bet amount, balance left, winning amount are also shown in the gaming screen. These details also help the players to know live winnings and conditions of them.

The overall interface is pretty simple and well decorated. The ambiance is great, that is exactly like a real-world casino. In addition, the sound effects do some spice up tricks to make the look feel much more realistic.


Audio and Graphics

The audio of the game is crisp and clear. The high-quality effects are quite satisfactory to make the players feel like sitting in a real casino table with a dealer in front. While playing, the total of the cards can be heard to make the game easier. The sound effects of animations are also great.

The graphics are also stunning. NetEnt worked hard to make it look realistic and natural and bCasino supported that game for players to enjoy the whole. High-quality graphics with smooth animations have made this game a craze among players. The gameplay is smooth without any lags or bugs. It can even be played on mobile devices too.


Game Rules

Previously, the game was known as 21. Later it got the name Blackjack. The reason behind the name 21 was for the rule of the game. The basic rule of the game is to make higher values in on hand with respect to the dealer’s hand, but the value must not exceed 21. The maximum value that can make a player win the round is 21 and this is why the game was named as 21. This basic rule is the same for Micro Blackjack too.

If the player or the dealer gets able to make 21 in one hand, then that hand will win the round. This is called Blackjack in casinos. But there are other additional rules also which a player needs to follow.

  • Players are able to play 1 to 5 hands.
  • There will be 8 decks of cards in total.
  • The will have to stand on soft or high 17.
  • The blackjack with the combination of an ace and a 10 valued card in the initial hand will pay 6:5.
  • The blackjack with a combination of a normal suited one will pay 2:1.
  • Insurance is always the half of the bet amount.
  • The player can double down on first two cards. These two cards can be any of the first two.
  • Double down can be done after splitting one hand.
  • The player can split once for a combination of two hands.
  • Like valued cards can only be split. For example, Q and Q can be split.
  • Not identical but same valued cards can be split. For example, Q and K can be split.
  • Surrender facility is not available in this game.
  • The player should not hit on a soft 21.
  • The cards will be shuffled after each round played.

All the cards having face values from 2 to 10 will have those values indicated on them. Ace can be considered 11 or 1 according to the game. If an ace is making the hand 21 while considering it as 11, then the value of the ace will be converted into 1. J, Q, and K have the value 10.


Actions That Can Be Performed

There are some actions which are performed while playing this game.

·        Soft and Hard 17

If the hand has a value of just less than 17, then it will be called a soft 17. If the value is just greater than 17, it will be called as hard 17. For example, if the dealer got 18 in his hand then it will be called a hard 17 and the hand will be held for a stand then.

·        Bet

Setting the bet amount with the coins and pressing the bet button is called a Bet.

·        Deal

The deal is the next step of betting. With this action, the round of the game will be started.

·        Hit

After getting the hands, the player will have this option on his screen. This action indicates the dealer to distribute next card to the player’s hand.

·        Stand

The stand is that action which indicated the dealer to move to the next hand without changing anything on the previous hand.

·        Split

If the player receives two cards of the same value, then this action can be taken into consideration. A button will appear in this case. Pressing this button will make the hand get split into two hands. These two hands will be considered as distinct hands further.

·        Double

After getting the first two cards, the player may make the bet get doubled with this action. If the player thinks that the hand can win the round, he can press the double button to double the bet and win more money.

·        Re-Bet

This option will only be available after completion of one round.

·        Insurance

This is done when the player wants to make the hands secure from the dealer’s hand. This action helps to keep some of the betting amounts from a dealer’s blackjack. Insurance can be taken into consideration if the first card is Ace on the dealer’s hand.



Micro Blackjack by NetEnt is truly a great example of Blackjack variants that have been successful in getting much players’ attention for a long time. With super smooth animations and graphics, and high-quality sounds, Micro Blackjack is one of the most played cards and table games at bCasino. New players who are trying to start their luck in casino games can definitely focus on Micro Blackjack to get a great experience in online casino games. Players truly love to get their time spent on this game and they love to get exciting winning amounts with good RTP of this game.