High Roller Standard Blackjack

High Roller Standard Blackjack is one of the variants of Blackjack casino games. The regular Blackjack game was invented in the early 17th century and till then it has been successful in gaining more fans than ever. The game was invented by an American game theorist. But that was the regular Blackjack. Later, on purpose to make the game more popular and interesting among players, many variants of this game came out. Each of them has slightly different rules and strategies and all of them has been successful to get much popularity. High Roller Standard Blackjack is one of the variants which started getting famous from 60’s.

This variant of the blackjack was mainly invented for the players who love to risk more money with bigger stakes. In simple words, High Roller Standard Blackjack was made for those players who are well secured about their bank balance. There are various VIP blackjacks which require special player cards or anything like these to have access to higher stakes. But for this game, there is no need for special offers or anything. If a player wishes to play this game then he should have the courage to take higher risks.

Play High Roller Standard Blackjack

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High Roller Standard Blackjack by NetEnt

Players who are already in the casino industry for years have definitely heard about the name NetEnt as one of the biggest and finest casino game developers in the world. The RTP of this game is 99.50% and this is possible because of NetEnt’s efforts. This game was developed for the serious players who wish to play with higher stakes. That’s why NetEnt concentrated on a much simpler look and betting options. The graphics are not too good but it is great for concentrating on the gameplay only. The sounds effects are good as well.


The interface is quite simple of this game. There will be a dealer sitting in front of the table. Deck of cards will be there on the right side to get distributed. There will be a few buttons and options on the gaming screen. A detail of the running game will be shown on the top screen which will show bet amount, winnings, balance etc. of the player. Also, dealer’s last hand will be shown for players’ convenience. A setting button will be there and besides this, there will be a volume button, zoom button, and an info button.

Coins will be there on the table to set the bet amount and of course, the coins will have much bigger values with respect to other blackjack games. After setting the bet and dealing, the dealer will distribute the cards with pairs. Player’s cards will be shown faced up. Dealer’s one card will be shown faced up and another card will be a hole card which will be faced down. Then the player will need to decide if he wants to hit or stand. During these all, several buttons may appear to split, double or to re-bet. The dealer will take care of all the cards during the gameplay. These buttons will work only with single clicks. The player will only need to concentrate on the game and on the strategy to play. The audio part is also good to make the ambiance feel like a real casino. The overall look of the game is realistic and natural.

Audio and Graphics

The audio of the game is natural, with natural noises like casinos. The dealer’s voice is crisp and clear. The background sound effect is stunning. NetEnt has put much effort on it to make this game feel like sitting on a real table with cards in front in a casino live. The graphics may not be super cool, but it has the power to make the environment feel like being present in front of that table and talking live to the dealer. The gameplay is super smooth and without any lag. This game can even be played on any low-end PC of this generation without any interruptions.

Game Rules

Blackjack is the standard name for all the variants and most of the blackjack variants have near about same rules. The main points which can actually differ from the other variants of Blackjack are the payout odds and the decks used. High Roller Standard Blackjack is different from others because it has the facility for high stakes. Another difference is the number of decks used in this game. High Roller uses four decks of cards while, in general, the other variants use six or eight decks of cards. This is where High Roller Standard Blackjack made its way out of the other’s category.

But the basic rules are almost the same as others. The main aim of the game is to make the hand total of the cards into 21 or near of 21 which must have to be higher than the dealer’s hand. But if 21 exceeds, the player will lose the round for that moment. The other basics are

  • Only 4 decks of cards will be used.
  • Cards will be reshuffled after each round.
  • Dealer’s hand will have one face-up card and other will be a hole card.
  • The dealer will stand on hard or soft 17.
  • Player’s hand cards will be shown faced up.
  • If any hand gets successful in making the total into 21, then it is a blackjack.
  • Player’s blackjack will pay 3:2.
  • Double down can be done on any 2 cards.
  • The player can double after splitting.
  • The player cannot split a hand which is already split before.
  • Insurance can be taken.
  • More than 21 will be called a bust.
  • The split can be done only if both the cards hold the same values in one hand.
  • Re-bet can be done on each round.

These are the basic rules of High Roller Standard Blackjack casino game and it can be seen that these are almost same with respect to other blackjack variants.

Actions That Can Be Performed

During the whole gameplay, there are some actions that can be taken into consideration to make the game more exciting and interesting.

·        Swapping Dealer

Before starting the game, the player will need to choose a dealer by swapping different dealers among many of them.

·        Bet

This action is performed to set the bet amount before starting the game. There are some coins that have fixed values on those. Players can choose from the coins to set bet. These coins have high values in this game. The value can even be a few thousand dollars.

·        Deal

Deal is the start of the game with the dealer. Setting the bet amount the player will have to press the deal option to start dealing with the dealer. With this option, the dealer will distribute the cards in pairs and then the player will have to hit or stand.

·        Hit

With this button, the player will allow the dealer to give an extra card to the player’s hand.

·      Stand

With this option, the player decides to end his hand and the turn passes to the next hand.

·     Double

Players can double the bet amount after receiving the first two cards in hand. He can decide this if his prediction of the hand is good enough to win the round. After doubling, the player will receive an extra card from dealer to check the total value of the hand.

·     Split

If the player receives the same valued cards in one hand then he can slit the hand into two more hands. The betting amount will be divided into two halves of the original bet.

·    Insurance

Insurance can be done if the first card of the dealer is an Ace. It will make the bet amount get increased by half of the original bet.

·    Re-Bet

A player can re-bet with the same amount of previous round with this button after finishing one each round.


High Roller Standard Blackjack by NetEnt is for those casino players who are serious about the blackjack variants and who are passionate about making high stakes in casino games. With super fine gameplay and sound effects, this game is a sign of class. Players who are willing to deal with higher stakes without any special cards, offers or VIP sections, High Roller Standard Blackjack is for them.