Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack VIP is one of the most entertaining and interesting blackjack variations in the world of casino. Double Exposure Blackjack VIP is not exactly the same as the traditional Blackjack, but it has the same charm and excitement. This game is also known as Face Up 21 Blackjack.

This game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. The most exciting feature of this game is that there will not be any hole cards. Dealer cards will be shown to the players. That means both cards of player and the dealer will be shown facing up instead of showing just one hand. That’s why this blackjack variant gained more fans with respect to the others.


Play Double Exposure Blackjack VIP

bCasino is a UK-based online casino having a vast collection of casino games including many variants of Blackjack games. Double Exposure Blackjack VIP is one variant among these available here. This online casino offers smooth gameplay with stunning graphics that look like a real-world casino.


Double Exposure Blackjack VIP by Netent

The game is powered by the well-known casino games developer company Net Entertainment. Double Exposure is not a regular blackjack like others. Instead of that, Net-entertainment has designed and developed this blackjack for those who are at pro level in blackjack games. In simple words, this game is made for serious and high rollers blackjack players. The term VIP in the name of the game indicates the same.

The minimum stake to play this game is much higher than other regular blackjacks. The minimum stake is £50 per hand and the maximum stake limits itself up to £2500 per hand.


User Interface

After clicking on the game Double Exposure Blackjack VIP under the drop-down menu of ‘Card & Table Games’ in bCasino’s website, the game will be launched on the browser. It requires the flash player in the browser to run the game. The player will need to activate flash player in order to play the game.

After opening, the whole setup up can be seen and the setup is just the same as a natural casino can have. There will be a green colored table where the cards will be drawn and played. Players who love real-world casino vibes will definitely like the interface Double Exposure Blackjack VIP is offering.

On the game screen, there are useful options for players. There are different buttons at the bottom of the screen. Game setting options are at the bottom left on the game screen. This setting menu contains the following four options to adjust:

  • Audio
  • Sound Effects
  • Background Music and
  • Speed

History option is also available for players to check their gameplay histories.

The button which looks like the question mark tells all the details of the rules of the game.

On the table, there will be a deck of cards and the area of player and dealer will be divided into two segments. The betting options can also be seen on the gaming screen. Also, there is a segment that indicates the amount of money you have in your account.



The main objective of the game Double Exposure Blackjack VIP is to get a total of 21 from the cards dealt. The dealer will need to hit soft 17 first to win the game. Soft 17 is satisfied when the sum of more than 3 cards will be 17. Hard 17 is when the first two cards make the sum of 17. The dealer needs to stand on this.

If the dealer secures his game by getting a soft 17, then he will win. If the player secures a total of 21, then it will be called Blackjack and the player will win the game.

The game is named as Double Exposure because both the hands of dealer and player will be open and shown. That’s why the name goes for it and it actually helps the player to decide if to stand or draw cards again with a deal.


How to Play This Game?

This game is generally played with 8 decks of 52 cards. These cards do not include jokers at all. The cards carry different values in this game.

  • Cards between 2 and 10 carry the same value they have on their face.
  • Kings carry 10.
  • Queens have the value of 10 also.
  • Jacks have the value 10 also.
  • Ace can have 1 or 10 depending on the game.

A computerized dealer will handle the drawing of cards. Players will have to play with the computerized dealer.

At first, the player will need to set the betting amount he wants. By choosing the coins of different values and then pressing the ‘Deal’ button will start the deal of the game. Initially, there will be two cards shown both in the hand of the player and the dealer also. The sum of both cards in individual hands can help to decide if the player is going to call for an extra drawing or not. Players can press the ‘Hit’ button to draw extra cards on his hand. If the total is between 17 and 21, then the player will win the game. The player can press the ‘Stand’ button to give the opportunity to draw cards to the dealer. If the dealer’s cards give a total value of more than 21 after drawing, the player will win the game.

The player can also win the game if he gets total 21 in the first round. This will be called a blackjack in the game.

While choosing the betting options, you can cancel a bet by pressing ‘X’ button on the screen. You can change your betting amount with different coins and after you win or lose a game, coins will be credited or debited from your account.


Audio and Graphics


Net Entertainment, one of the most popular casino game developers has designed and developed this game. This world-class company developed this game keeping in mind the players’ needs. The sound quality and effects are excellent and fine in this game. There is a noise in the background that creates the ambiance feels like being present in a casino for real. The voice of the dealer is neat and clean and it sounds like a real person talking in front. The sound can be controlled easily as per as the player wants. All options related to audio can be found in the settings menu.

In terms of graphics, it is clean and stunning in looks. The overall look of the screen is in High Definition and the animations are super smooth that looks exactly like real cards. This game can be played on any PC or on any mobile device without any lag in gameplay.


Important Terms Used in the Game

There are a few important terms which can be seen while playing this game. These terms are truly important to be a good blackjack player.

·        Even Money:

The player can win 1 time his bet if the card showing on the dealer’s hand is an ace and the player hit a blackjack. The player can receive even money if this situation arises while playing.

·        Insurance:

The player can buy insurance only if the card shown on the dealer’s hand is an ace. This insurance can return 0.5 times of the player’s initial bet.

·        Splitting:

If two cards are showing any potential to win the game after splitting, then the player can split those two cards into two parts. This can be possible if two cards have the same value on those. After splitting, the player will have two different hands.

·        Double:

This term can arise when a player will be able to double his bet amount. But there is a minimum and maximum limit of betting amount. So, the players will have to be in the range of the betting limits.


Benefits of Playing the Game

  • RTP of the game is 99.04%.
  • Perfect for pro blackjack players
  • High rollers with huge money in their account can have the true excitement of this game.
  • The simple and detailed screen helps to easily go through the game.


Players who love blackjack games and who are passionate about this one can fall in love with this game. This game is absolutely perfect for high rollers and for those who are seriously interested to play serious blackjack games. NetEnt has taken many steps and made many efforts to make the game perfect for VIP players. A good player can easily adapt the perfect techniques and right strategies to win the game.