Blackjack Classic

Casino players who love cards and table games definitely know what position Blackjack games hold in the card games niche of the casino gaming industry. Blackjack is one of the most played casino card games among the gamers. This game was invented many centuries ago, but the popularity never got faded. Till now, a casino without Blackjack is unimaginable. Previously, it was known as 21 in many areas across the globe, but now this is widely known as blackjack. With a huge variant of this game, Blackjack Classic has already made a huge fan following for it. Classic Blackjack holds near about same rule of a normal Blackjack game with some minor changes in the rule book. The basic principle is the same, the player will need to make the hand total 21 or nearer but not above 21. With this basic rule, Blackjack has made some changes in its rules to make it more interesting among players. That excites the environment of an online casino.


Play Blackjack Classic

Players will definitely need a good online casino to play all the blackjack games, and bCasino is the name that gamblers trust in the UK. bCasino is famous for its wide variety of games, responsive customer support services, easy transaction methods, and great offers. This is one of the best casinos in the UK offering a huge variety of Blackjack games. bCasino offers games from leading casino game developers all around the globe. The user-friendly interface of the website makes it easy to find any game and play the same.


Blackjack Classic by NetEnt

Net Entertainment or in short NetEnt is one of the biggest online casino game developers in the world. NetEnt has designed and developed the game Blackjack Classic for the online card game lovers. NetEnt made it possible to keep the game up with good RTP or ‘Return to Player’ rate. The RTP of Blackjack Classic is 99.0% and it is quite well for casino lovers who get excited about playing cards and table games. Starting from stunning graphics and animations to high-quality sound effects NetEnt has made the gameplay just like playing in a real casino sitting with the dealer and others. This is why the game has good response among casino geeks.


User Interface

The user interface of the game is pretty simple and classic. Players will have a green table in front and on the right side, there will be a bunch of cards. There will be coins for betting at the bottom of the gaming screen and the minimum and maximum limit of betting can be seen on the screen. The upper side of the screen is for the dealer and the bottom side is for the player to hold cards in hands. The dealer will give the cards in three pairs to the player and the player will take a pair of cards. The player’s cards will be shown up and one card of the dealer will be shown and another will be faced down. Here is the difference of Blackjack Classic with respect to the other variants of the blackjack game. The player will need to guess the dealer’s card in order to decide if he wants to hit or stand. While playing, the total of the card values of each hand will be shown in short boxes just beside the cards. The cards will be given to the hands with animations of drawing cards. After each round, the cards get to the left side of the screen.

With all these designs and animations in the interface, the sound effects will also make the gameplay more interesting. As this is a game played with real money, the player will need to deposit money into his account first and then he can start playing the game at bCasino. After depositing, the player will need to set the bet amount and then he can go for the deal. There are a few buttons of Deal, Hit, Stand, Double, Insurance, Bet, and Rebate. Each button will have its name on it. A settings button will also be there to set the sound effects and other parameters. Every action can be done with just a single click on the buttons. The overall look and graphics are very realistic and easy to understand.


Audio and Graphics

NetEnt has already put much effort to make the game sound like real just like casino games sounds like in original casinos. The audio is crisp and clear. The background is fine enough to make the ambience feel like sitting in front of a blackjack table with cards. The voice of the dealer is clean and neat. The sound of the cards given away is also great. These high-quality sound effects made this game shine on the list of cards and table games at bCasino.

The graphics are superfine that it may look like original casino table. The card animations are smooth and the gameplay is also super smooth. Without any lag, this game can even be played on any mid-end PC.


Game Rules

Playing Blackjack Classic is simple. With correct information about the rules, it can be easily picked up. The basic rule is pretty simple. The game is played with a few decks of cards. One should only know about the cards and simple mathematics of addition.

  • The main objective is to make the hand total into 21 or nearer to 21 than the dealer’s hand.
  • The game is played through a few rounds.
  • More than 21 will make the player lose the game.
  • Getting 21 in one hand will be called a Blackjack and that hand will win that round.
  • The number cards from 2 to 10 have their face values.
  • Ace can have the value 1 or 11 according to the game.
  • Jacks, Queens, and Kings hold a value of 10.
  • The player and the dealer receive cards in pairs, where all the player’s cards will be faced up and only one card of the dealer will be facing Another will be faced down.
  • The player can only hit or stand according to his wish.

With these standard rules, anyone can begin playing blackjack classic at bCasino.


Actions That Can Be Performed

This game has several actions that can be performed while playing. These are simple and easy to perform.

·        Bet

Before beginning the gameplay, the player will need to choose coins from a list to bet. These multiple valued coins can be used again for betting on next round. Just choosing the intended coin player will need to press the Bet button to set the bet.

·       Deal

After betting, the player can deal with the Deal button to get the cards. Dealing will show up all the cards of the player and one card of the dealer. With this step, the player will have to decide if he wants to Hit or Stand.

·       Hit

This action can be performed with the Hit button. This will draw an additional card into your hand.

·       Stand

This action will end your hand it will pass the choice to the next hand. This can be performed with the Stand button.

·       Split

If the player receives a pair of cards with the same values, he can split his hand into another two. The bet amount will be equally divided into both hands and both hands will be granted as different hands further.

·      Double

After receiving the first two cards, the player can know the total of his hand and then he can double his bet amount with the Double button. By doubling, the player will get another additional card in his hand. If the player has split the hand, the double can be performed in both hands.

·     Insurance

Insurance is generally done when the dealer gets Ace in the first card. Players can protect their betting amounts with insurances. Choosing this action will make the bet amount get increased by half of the original bet value. This is done to protect the hand form the dealers’ blackjack. If the dealer gets successful in making blackjack with the second card in his hand, the player will win double of insurance bet amount. If there is no blackjack in dealer’s hand, then the player loses the round and loses the insurance bet amount.

·        Rebet

After completing one round, this button appears and with this button, the player can set the same bet amount for the new round as it was set in the previous round.



Blackjack Classic by NetEnt is fairly easy to play. No doubts, this game is much interesting and exciting to predict the dealer’s card and to choose what to do next - Hit or Stand. The decision can make the player win the round with ample of money or it may lose the round. Overall graphics, audio, and gameplay are quite satisfying for every casino player.